Once again we had the God-given privilege of congregating as Christian Mothers of the Protestant Reformed Churches at the Western Ladies Aid League, held at Edgerton, Minnesota, April 13th. 

We sang some well-chosen Psalter numbers. Then our president, Mrs. H. Veldman opened with a word of prayer and welcome after which she read Ephesians 6:1-9

The minutes of our previous meetings were read and accepted as read. The treasurer also gave the financial report. We then had our annual voting. Mrs. Heys was chosen to replace Mrs. H.C. Hoeksema as vice-president and Mrs. Clarence Klein to replace Mrs. J. Blankespoor as treasurer. 

Mrs. Veldman then introduced the speaker of the day, Rev. Heys, who spoke a few very practical words on the theme, “Christian Discipline in the Christian Home.” He very clearly explained what discipline is—What Christian discipline is in the home in distinction from the church. Discipline applied by a Christian as only a believer can train a child. Of course, therefore we should have Protestant Reformed Schools. Also the home must be Christian and discipline must be applied in a Christian way. Discipline must have for its purpose—Christian—training—training our children to behave as “disciples of Christ.” 

Necessity of it is great. Our children are conceived and born in sin—total depravity—and have to be taught and trained the way of Christ because of sin. This fast living pace makes the necessity much greater in these days and so they must be instructed to flee from sin and also punished and disciplined. We must discipline because God gives us a calling. Each time we receive a child from God, he gives us a calling to provide for its natural needs, but also to train and discipline him as a Christian child.

How shall we do it? What does scripture say about Christian discipline? We must not -spare the rod for then we spoil the child. While disciplining there is room for some praise—but just a small amount of it—but consists mostly of Christian punishment. The child must understand he’s being punished because he must not walk in sin but as a child of God in God’s holy way—not ours. We must not be afraid to use the rod. God certainly did when His people sinned. He applied the rod in various forms such as plagues, wars, etc. The importance of Christian discipline in the home is great, for the home is a basic unity and it should be applied to the child firstly and intimately in the home. The way Christian discipline is applied is exactly the way God gives us covenant joy as parents in our child as God’s seed. 

Our Doon Ladies favored us with a musical trio. 

We then had our “Question Hour” led by Rev. H. Veldman. He very capably answered some questions which were sent in, and then the audience had an opportunity to ask questions. The ladies took advantage of the opportunity which made it very interesting. Our Hull ladies then rendered us a musical reading pertaining to Easter, which was very well received. We took up a collection which was given to the Standard Bearer and to Beacon Lights

Sang a Psalter No. and our president Mrs. H. Veldman closed with prayer. 

We then enjoyed a delicious hot lunch prepared by our Edgerton ladies and a social hour, after which we again returned to our individual homes with much thankfulness in our hearts to our gracious God for another spiritually filled day of Christian fellowship.

Mrs. Clarence Klein, reporter