This October 1 issue begins the 87th year that the Lord permits us to publish our magazine, dedicated to promoting and defending the Reformed faith of the Scriptures.

If you are reading this, you are probably an SB subscriber. We are thankful for your subscription, not because writers like to be read, but because it shows your interest in the Reformed faith, the rich faith of our fathers, “once delivered unto the saints,” as that faith is laid out in the Reformed and Presbyterian creeds.

As editors, we pray that many more may be finding profit from the articles, which range widely from strictly theological to historical and practical, but all of which are expositions and defense of the truth of Scripture. More subscribers? That is one of our goals. With a relatively low subscription price, and gift subscriptions at half the normal rate, would you consider giving a gift for a friend, relative, child, or sibling who does not subscribe? The SB can be read on the Internet (go to without charge, but we (at least I do) think that serious readers benefit more from a paper in their hands on a quiet evening. Away from the fan of the computer and the distractions of what else is there, sit quietly under your reading light and meditate deeply on the word. Is that just my generation thinking, or reality?

If you, our readers, have suggestions for the magazine, please send them in. Write letters. They are good for the magazine. We can’t always print what is sent, but we try.

Read and discuss the content of the magazine also with your children—young adults and married children. Gaining the next generation as readers depends on what they learn and hear from us as older adults. The pressures to be busy with things other than reading are great.

We have confidence in God that we can produce what the annual staff meeting planned this past June. The three editors have been reelected. Each writes a third of the editorials. After three years at the helm, I return the formal duties of “lead” editor to Prof. Dykstra. Over twenty-five other men and women contribute—all without any financial compensation, but with the greater reward of God’s testimony to them—to produce the Standard Bearer every two weeks.

Very few changes for the coming year are in store. A few writers will be bowing out…for now. We always hope to get writers back after they have a break. Mrs. Jan Miersma will be leaving the pages in order to devote her time to the Christian school in Lacombe. Rev. Ron Hanko and Rev. Audred Spriensma will be back sometime, too, the Lord willing. We thank these writers for their work. All the other writers remain the same, except that we have added Mr. Don Doezema as writer for “Search the Scriptures.” Mr. Doezema, the SB‘s longtime managing editor, is an experienced and published writer. His three-volume set on New Testament history is testimony to his ability, as all teachers who have used this valuable material know. He will be sharing this rubric with Rev. Tom Miersma. We are also looking forward to a few meditations from our brothers in Australia. Two ministers of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, with whom the PRC has established corresponding relations, have expressed willingness to write.

A few writers will be shifting gears. Rev. D. Kleyn, missionary in the Philippines, will also write in the mission rubric “Go Ye Into All the World.” Rev. D. Kuiper will continue his “Ministering to the Saints” rubric, but will begin to explain the work of the elder. Prof. R. Cammenga has been writing exposition of the Church Order of the PRC for many years—23 to be precise. In this volume he will come to a conclusion of that important work. Anyone who has questions on the church order, and has access to the Internet, would do well to check out these articles; search under “Church Order.” Prof. Cammenga will now write in his area of expertise, “Taking Heed to the Doctrine.”

This all in Volume 87. A final note, though, about Volume 86. Ordinarily the last issue of the volume-year (September 15) includes an index for the whole volume. This year it did not. An index has been prepared, but this time as a separate document that will be made part of the bound volume that is prepared. And those of you who do not order a bound volume, and would like still to have an index, will be able to obtain one for Volume 86 without charge, either by downloading it from the Internet (, or by writing the RFPA business office at 1894 Georgetown Center Dr., Jenison, MI 49428.

May the Standard Bearer be a part of our making and of God answering the prayer of Psalm 68

God shall arise and by His might

Put all His enemies to flight

With shame and consternation….

For when Jehovah shall appear,

He shall consume, afar and near,

All those that evil cherish.

As smoke before His dreadful ire,

As wax is molten by the fire,

So shall the wicked perish.

But let the righteous, blessed of yore,

Joy in their God as ne’er before,

Faith’s victory achieving.

Their joy shall then unbounded be

Who see God’s face eternally,

Their heart’s desire receiving.

Exalt, exalt the Name of God;

Sing ye His royal fame abroad

With fervent exultation;

Cast up a highway smooth and wide

That through the deserts He may ride,

Jehovah, our salvation.

We are “For the cause of God and truth.”