I agree with Prof. Dykstra’s editorial on the importance and value of visiting mission fields and the smaller, isolated churches and groups. Everything he said, both about the joys and sorrows of mission work, rings true for us here in Ireland also. Let me add to it by extending a welcome to the saints of the PRCA to visit your sister churches. The CPRC and LRF love to have visitors, and Ireland is a beautiful place to visit. I include a special word for the young people: study abroad programmes are possible. You can study for part of your course, typically a semester, in Ireland. The University of Limerick is very well situated for such programmes. Simply ask your university if they participate in such schemes. Although you would be far from home in an unknown land, the LRF stands ready to provide for your spiritual needs. We have twice been enriched by the presence of students from the PRCA and the CERC in recent years. Such students have worshipped with us, attended our Bible studies, and added immeasurably to the life of the congregation here in Limerick. We would love to see that happen more frequently. In addition, of course, for those who are not students, or who would like to visit for a shorter time, I highly recommend the biennial British Reformed Fellowship Conference. Whenever you come, you will receive a warm welcome. My visitors’ book is always ready for new entries!

Rev. Martyn McGeown

Limerick Reformed Fellowship