There is in the world a continuous development of sin. 

The force of that statement is felt when we consider the fact that all the sin in the world today grew out of just one sin in paradise. 

From an external point of view that sin does not even appear to be so bad. It was nothing more than eating a piece of forbidden fruit. It injured no one. It did no social injustice. It shed no blood and robbed no one of his possessions. But if we see it in its true nature, if we see it as God sees it, we will understand that it was nothing less than rebellion against God! Nothing more than eating a piece of fruit, and yet nothing less than defying the living God! Let those who busy themselves on their pulpits with a ‘”social gospel” take heed to the root of all the evils in this world and of all the violations of the second table of the law! It is so easy to strain at a gnat and swallow a camel today. And you are not going to kill a poison sumac tree by plucking a few leaves off now and then. You better get at the root of the tree. And until the love of God is once again in man’s heart, he can only hate his brother and commit what are called social injustices and crime. 

From that one sin of Adam came all the sins of today. From a rebellious and God-defying position man went ahead to all the violence, cruelty and filth of today as well as to all the idolatry, image worship, blasphemy and Sabbath desecration. That one sin led to many forms of rebellion, in fact to rebellion in every sphere of man’s life. And not only has that one sin developed into all the evils condemned literally in the ten commandments, but there has been a steady and continuous development of each and every one of these sins. And, since we are now dealing with the seventh commandment and the immorality and filth that is in the world today, we intend to speak about those sins that go beyond the literal adultery of the seventh commandment and about those evils unto which that sin has developed. 

After all is said, Adam could not even have committed the sin of the seventh commandment in the way it is committed today. All sin, of course, is spiritual adultery. It is this in that whenever we sin, we are adding the foreign element into our covenant relationship to God that we think and will and act after the mind and will of Satan. Sin is always spiritual intercourse with the devil and, as we already stated rebellion against the living God. Sin is taking to our bosoms and embracing in love the corrupt thoughts and desires of The Wicked One and rejecting and fleeing from the Holy God Who made us and Whose we are. Whenever we sin, we are spiritual harlots and no longer virgins for Christ’s sake. And a very close connection between this spiritual adultery and actual physical adultery is evident in that as soon as they had played the harlot with Satan, Adam and Eve knew that they were naked. Their pure minds an ddedicated wills were not shocked or disturbed by such a fact. But once having committed spiritual adultery, they saw the whole field of immorality before them and realized that something should be done. And in defense of our position above that not only has sin developed into all kinds of sins and that each sin develops with its increasingly devilish variations, let it be pointed out that the pendulum has swung so far today that the forces that would tear those fig leaves away and invite and encourage what was loathsome even to Adam and Eve are multiplying and gaining power. As one commentator said, “With the topless bathing suit the bottom fell out!” Indeed there is hardly a bottom any more, and surely there is no ceiling anymore either. With the introduction of The Pill, the sky is the limit. And let no one deceive you into thinking that The Pill was discovered because man was so concerned about the population explosion that he fears a shortage of food within a few generations. Let him then turn his “scientific” mind to ways and means of producing more food, and teach man how to avoid all the waste of food in the processing methods not only but also in the home. Let him spend his money on irrigation systems, and let him no longer continue in the folly that is so evident in this local area: tearing up rich farmland for housing projects. 

But to return to Adam, divorce of Eve and the remarrying of another was quite impossible in the years shortly after the fall of man. And he could surely find no occasion to divorce Eve on the grounds of adultery. They undoubtedly soon saw this sin in their children, even as they saw murder in their family. And they surely understood that this was the fruit of their own sin. How they must have watched the conduct of their children! At first they looked innocent enough, even as ours do. These little newborn babes do not look like rebels. But lest we fall into the folly of the worldly philosophy that they sin only by imitation, let it be borne in mind that Cain never had an example of murder to follow and imitate. The beasts of the field killed each other, and Adam killed a lamb for a sacrifice. But Cain in killing Abel was not imitating these acts, but developing in the rebellion of his father against God and His law. Was he also imitating the beasts when he buried his brother’s body? 

And so in process of time adultery did appear in the children of Adam and Eve. There was faithlessness between man and wife. There were those who eyed and captured the wives and husbands of others. And when the violator is unmarried, it is not adultery, but fornication. Paul says of fornication: “Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.” We do well to bear that in mind. He sinneth with his body, but also against it, because he has a calling to be a virgin for Christ’s sake. 

Fornication is losing one’s virginity illegally. The married lose their virginity legally. For they are now before God one flesh. And therein God gives them the right and does not consider it fornication when they live together as man and wife. Here there is no adding of a foreign element as in adultery; and here is no rebellion against the living God and no defying of Him in His law. Fornication is a nasty thing! Marriage is a beautiful gift of the living God. Let it be remembered that God designed our bodies and fashioned us to be what we are. He made man and woman to be physical, spiritual, and psychical counterparts. And he gave them the right as well as the power to propogate the human race. No, let us go back to paradise: He gave Adam and Eve and in them the entire Church the right and power to bring forth the covenant seed. Man fell and now brings forth nothing but enemies of God. But the right and power to reproduce its kind in the cause of God’s kingdom was there in Adam and Eve before they fell. After the fall God did not take this power and this right away, but sinful man corrupts it and commits spiritual adultery even when he lives one life with one life’s companion. But fornication is the misuse by the unmarried of the faculties and powers which God has given them to employ to the glory of His name and for the cause of the bringing forth of the covenant seed. God made man and wife for the sake of His Church. In the angel world no such condition exists, and there is neither adultery nor fornication among them. They were able to rebel, and a host of them did rebel against God; but not in the way of adultery and fornication as it is practiced among men. 

Fornication is a grievous sin! 

In the Old Testament dispensation it called for stoning.Leviticus 20:10-21 contains a whole series of condemnations of violations of the seventh commandment together with the death penalty upon them. That the sin is agreeable and enjoyable to both parties does not change the fact that it is rebellion against God. That is the seriousness of the evil! It is but recently that the unbeliever — be he a professor of Theology as far as his title is concerned — became bold enough to say that God is dead. But every act of sin on our part is a matter of living from the principle that He is dead. (And lest you feel constrained to rush back in protest that we may not call a member in the church here below and who teaches Theology an unbeliever, ask yourself the question, Does one believe in a dead God? If one does not believe that a certain person exists, is that faith in this Person? Is not a believer exactly one who believes in God?) There is so little of this Coram Deo, that is, living before the face of God and acting in the consciousness of His command. Of course, if our standard is only what will be approved of by men, then when the unmarried agree to defile themselves with the help of The Pill or its forerunners and cousins, no “harm” has been done. But that is not what Leviticus 20 teaches us, or for that matter any portion of the Word of God. The law in one word is love to God. And our covenant young women do well to remember that. Our covenant young men as well, of course. But the point we wish to make at the moment concerns the covenant young woman who is asked to prove her love. Worldly counsellors and newspaper column advisers in purely worldly wisdom suggest that the challenge be returned to the young man that he prove his love by refraining from his demands or pleas. The covenant young woman has a far more powerful weapon in the very Word of God:Prove your love to God! And the covenant young man or young woman (and for that matter also the older man and woman) who loves God will want to be a virgin for Christ’s sake. He will be with all his life and with all his powers dedicated unto the living God and will pass his pilgrimage here below waiting for The Bridegroom to come. There is only one way to prove love to God, and that is to walk in the way of His commandments. 

Unto our young people, therefore, we would give advice that they may live in His fear. First of all, do not put yourself in a position where you invite being unequally yoked with an unbeliever. And that means no dates of any kind at any time with one whom you know as an unbeliever or of whose faith you have no knowledge. If we do not frequent places where we will meet such, we do not tempt ourselves to be approached or to approach them. If we deliberately go looking for such, we are asking for trouble and have already inwardly failed to be virgins for Christ’s sake. In our complex age it is so easy to meet them anyway at work or on the way to work. And therefore we must be on our guard that we are not controlled by the flesh. That it be established without a shadow of a doubt that the young man or young woman loves God before any social connections with him or her are established is the safest rule not only, but a solemn calling before God. Even as young people we are not here to have a good time but to serve a sovereign and holy God. Whatever good time we may have and may seek must be one that revolves around and centers in the service of God with all our heart and soul and mind and strength, with our bodies and all their faculties and powers. We have them for no other reason than for His service. 

The unbeliever, the man or woman that does not love God cannot help us in our service and worship of God. To them you can never say, “Prove your love to God!” And rather than to be an help meet, that is, fit, suitable, to the covenant young man or young woman, the unbelieving husband or wife will be a detriment and will hamper the believer in his spiritual life and that of the children God may give them. Our young people as a rule do not look so far ahead, but let them remember that children of parents who are spiritually unequally yoked will be attracted to the spiritually weaker and not to the stronger of the parents. 

Dating the unbeliever in the vain hope that he might become a believer in years to come is playing with fire. Going outside of the Church to find a friend means that you have to enjoy his friendship outside of the Church. It is not in His fear. It is not living as a virgin for Christ’s sake. And it makes impossible one life that lives with an eye to the marriage feast of The Lamb. All too soon the flesh falls in love with flesh, and the spirit, though it is still willing, is unable to resist the cry of the flesh. Young people: Do not ask and seek for spiritual incompatibility!