Utterances of Jesus, by William Dau. Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Mich. Price $1.00.

This book of one hundred sixty pages contains a series of addresses or brief sermons on various sayings of Jesus found in the New Testament.

Many of them are quite sound, based on exegesis of the text, to the point and instructive. The author evinces that he is able to understand and explain a text of Scripture correctly.

All the more inexplicable to us is the fact that on p. 99 the author very boldly teaches the error of universal atonement, while no possible interpretation of the utterance of Jesus that is the theme of that particular address could lead him to this Arminian error. Besides, the context certainly should have been sufficient warning to guard the author against such teaching.

No Protestant Reformed man can agree with what the author writes on pp. 59, 60.

Nor do we believe that faith can utterly be destroyed.

Very true is the picture the author draws of the deceitful modern preachers who pretend to preach

Christ and do not.

Read with discretion.