Mr. Drnek is clerk of the consistory in the newly organized Trinity PRC.

It is with joy and thanksgiving to our faithful heavenly Father that the council of Hudsonville PRC can report the birth of another daughter congregation. On the evening of Wednesday, July 18, 2001 the organizational worship service of Trinity Protestant Reformed Church was held. This, the newest church in our denomination, is located in Hudsonville, Michigan and is the third daughter congregation of Hudsonville PRC. The service took place in the Hudsonville Reformed Church building on the corner of School Street and Van Buren Avenue in Hudsonville, the church building that Trinity plans on purchasing. The service was led by the consistory of the Hudsonville PRC, the church chosen by Classis East to oversee this organization.

Rev. B. Gritters, Hudsonville’s pastor, chose for his text that evening Psalm 122:6 “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; they shall prosper that love thee.”

After the message, the actual organization took place. The charter members of Trinity PRC consisted of 33 families and 5 individuals from Hudsonville, 1 family each from Georgetown and First of Holland, 2 individuals from Faith, 3 families and 1 individual from Grandville, 4 families from Southwest, and 1 individual from Hope. There were 99 confessing members and 67 baptized members for a total of 166 souls.

The meeting continued with the election of 4 elders and 3 deacons, their signing of the Formula of Subscription, and their installation into office. The evening concluded with a closing doxology and benediction, followed by refreshments in the basement of the church.

This is the conclusion of a process that started in December of 1999, when the council of Hudsonville PRC appointed a committee to look into the need to form a daughter congregation. Two circumstances were prompting this action. First, Hudsonville PRC had grown to more than 155 families. Not only was the church over-crowded but the council found it difficult to perform their duties with a congregation that size. In addition, at this time another church in Hudsonville had put their building up for sale. Hudsonville Reformed Church was planning the construction of a new facility and they were looking to sell their church. If a new group would be interested in purchasing this church, it could be a quick and less expensive way to acquire a building.

After a number of informational meetings and surveys of the congregation it became apparent that there was sufficient interest to take the next steps in forming a daughter congregation. The committee from Hudsonville PRC began meeting with a committee from the Hudsonville Reformed Church and before long a tentative agreement to purchase the building was reached. Hudsonville PRC then began holding worship services for the group, with the morning service in the gym at Heritage Christian School and an afternoon service in the Hudsonville Reformed Church building. Worship services continue still to be held on this schedule. The new congregation of Trinity PRC looks forward to taking full possession of the building in the spring of 2002, the Lord willing.

What a joyous occasion to witness the birth of another congregation in the Lord’s church. The council and congregation of Trinity PRC thank the members of Hudsonville PRC for their generous financial and prayerful support and seek your prayers that the Lord will guide them and bless this work.

For your information we also include here the name and phone number of Trinity’s bulletin secretary. She is Ronda VanBemmel, phone: 662-9683 or e-mail: tgvan@altelco.net.