The house that is built partly on a rock, and, partly on the sand, will fall: and the sinner, who rests his hope of salvation, partly, on Christ, and, partly on his own works, will be damned.

The best clock in the world will be spoiled, if you are perpetually moving the hand backwards and forwards, and altering it, in order to make it kepp time with a variety of other clocks: it will hardly ever go regularly and well.—So a minister, who shapes and accomodates his sentiments and discourses to the tastes and humors and opinions of other people, will never be happy, respectable, or useful.

Among the great variety of preachers, some give the pure gospel wine, unadulterated and undashed. Others give wine and water. Some give mere cold water, without a drop of wine among it.

Repentance and faith, new obedience and perseverance, are not conditions of interest in teh covenant of grace (for then it would be a covenant of works); but consequences, and tokens, of covenant interest.