Thine is the Kingdom

THINE IS THE KINGDOM, by James H. Hunter, published by Zondervan Publishing House. Price $3.00.

This novel is the first prize winner in the second International Christian Fiction Contest. With its setting in the area of three beautiful lakes in northern Canada, it tells the story of a successful attempt to overthrow Communism there. The book has a clever and interesting plot based on the interplay of identical twins, and is easy and enjoyable to read. The characters in their thrilling and dangerous dealings with the Communists acknowledge their dependence on God.

It is a Christian novel that can be recommended to old and young. Yet, as in almost all such novels, it cannot be recommended without reservation. The book has a tendency toward postmillenialism, and it sets democracy over against Communism as the God ordained state. And the characters often quote Scripture in so free a way as to make it almost profane.