The War and Our Calling

Even though we did not agree with the policy that led to the involvement of our own Country in the world conflict, now the Government has declared war, and has received declarations of war, the Christian citizen can have only one duty: obey for God’s sake and for conscience sake.

When the Government calls upon our sons to go to battle, we will send them and they will go. And whatever burden the Government may think necessary to place upon us, we will bear without murmuring.

This does not mean that we have changed our personal opinion about this war in general; about our part in it in particular; or about our friendship with communistic Russia.

Nor does it mean that as Christians we are motivated by any false and superficial enthusiasm, or preach revenge and hatred; nor that we agree with humanistic ideals about a future world-peace.

It certainly does not mean that the Church as such is involved or may be involved in this war. Nor must the pulpit become anything else than a place from which the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached, the gospel of peace in the cross of our Lord and in His resurrection alone.

But it certainly means, that we believe that the Government holds the God-given sword for the punishment of evil-doers and for the protection of them that do well; that, therefore, the Government certainly has the right to wage war, just as well as she has the power to inflict capital punishment. It means, moreover, that for the way the Government handles that sword it, and not the individual citizen or soldier is responsible before God.

And, therefore, the Christian citizen cannot hesitate to obey when the Government calls to battle.

And he will be strong in the conviction that thus it is the will of God!