From a very reliable source in the old country we learned a little about the deposition of Dr. Schilder and others, and the split that occurred in the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands.

A brother wrote me that the Synod of the “Gereformeerde Kerken” in the old country adopted the Kuyperian view of “presupposed regeneration,” that is, the theory that infants are baptized on the ground of the presupposition that they are already regenerated; that Dr. Schilder and others disagreed, came into trouble with the Synod, not only because of this question, but also because of certain questions concerning church polity; that he and others were deposed; and that many churches “have liberated themselves from the yoke of Synod.”

These are still scant details. But the writer promised that he would send me all the available literature on the matter as soon as possible. And we hope to keep our readers, informed.

The information appears to be quite sufficient, however, to warrant the conclusion that The Banner’s “I told you so” was quite mistaken, and that the conclusion of Dr. Schilder has nothing to do, directly at least, with his alleged deviating views on the matter of common grace.

We hope that as soon as this becomes quite plain the editor of The Banner” will frankly admit this.

H. H.