Mr. Kunst is a member of Southeast Protestant Reformed Church.

Last summer I joined the Reformed Witness Hour Committee and became one of fourteen volunteers from five different PR churches to serve on the committee. This number includes our present radio minister, Rev. Haak.

I suggested that it would be a good idea if someone from our committee would write an article for the Standard Bearer on our work, and also list our stations and times. I was asked to write the article.

When I first joined this committee, I was astonished at how much work is done behind the scenes and how smoothly the whole committee seems to work.

The broadcasts are recorded on compact disks by Rev. Haak, who preaches the actual radio message. The rest of the broadcast is then recorded by Dr. Dwight Monsma, our radio announcer. The disks are then mailed week after week to each station. Also, booklets and tapes are made and sent out to regular subscribers and all who request them. This has been going on for almost sixty years now, which attests to the dedication and perseverance of the volunteers of the past.

Presently we are broadcasting on thirteen different stations in eleven different states and soon will add a station in Canada. We are also trying to get on Family Radio, which broadcasts in thirty-eight states and on fifty-five different stations. We would like also to get onto Family Radio’s short-wave stations. Our goals for the future include trying to add five more stations.

We receive five to ten responses every month. The majority of them are very encouraging. If you listen, please drop us a letter or postcard. We also covet your prayers and support. Currently, our yearly budget runs about $50,000 to $60,000.00. We are thankful for the generous support of so many of our listeners and churches.

May the sovereign triune Lord continue to bless this outreach, and may the elect be gathered from the four corners of the earth!