As far as I know the above is still the name of the congregation of which the Rev. H. Danhof is pastor.

Recently, however, there are all kinds of rumors afloat to the effect that efforts are being made to remove the word “protesting” from that name, to lead that church back into the fellowship of the Christian Reformed Churches, and thus to make it virtually, if not literally, confess that their stand in 1924 was an error, and that the “Three Points” adopted by the Synod of Kalamazoo are after all true doctrine.

There are also rumors that the attempt to rejoin the Christian Reformed Churches has, for the time being at least, failed, but that the Rev. Danhof expects to retire from the ministry in the near future.

I have not written a word about this situation heretofore, partly because I had no direct, official information about the whole matter; partly, too, because I did not consider it ethical to put my nose into what is after all the business of that local congregation.

And although to us it would be a sad spectacle to see that congregation, after they had gone through so serious a history as they have, after they have once taken a stand for the truth and have been despised and persecuted for it, return to the communion of those that cast them out, and forsake the truth,—yet, even now we will refrain from further discussing the matter.

I feel constrained, however, in virtue of certain information I recently received, clearly to express myself on one or two points.

First of all, I here declare once more that I must refuse all blame for the fact that in 1926 the church of Kalamazoo separated itself from us, and refused to organize with us as Protestant Reformed Churches. For this statement abundant proof can be furnished if necessary. For the present, let it be sufficient to merely make the statement.

And secondly, I wish to declare openly to the brethren in Kalamazoo that still love the Protestant Reformed truth that I will rejoice in the day when they return to us in the proper way. And such a way should not be difficult to find for those that are of the same faith.

I make both these statements simply because from a reliable source I received the information that I am blamed by members of that congregation for the split between them and us, and that I do not desire their return to us.

Both these statements are false.

And because I do not wish to carry the least responsibility for the return of Kalamazoo’s congregation to the Christian Reformed Churches, I like to remove this misunderstanding, and here repeat that they will be welcome in our fellowship if they desire to return to us in the proper way.

Perhaps, the brethren will try this out.