I would like to answer the news item that appeared in the Concordia of Feb. 25, 1954 concerning the history of the Lynden Protestant Reformed Church. There are several references of events that happened in Lynden that are not true, but are lies. To keep things straight, I am writing this article. 

First, the news item claims that the old Lynden consistory announced her stand concerning the deposition of Rev. De Wolf and his elders, after long and prayerful consideration. This I deny. The whole history of the Lynden Church proves it. This history shows that the consistory was never in sympathy with Rev. Hoeksema’s side of the issue, but always favored the ministers who now maintain a conditional theology, and also uphold the heresy of De Wolf. This history is a part of the labors of Rev. A. Cammenga, whose views in the question of conditions to salvation were opposed to those of Rev. Hoeksema and Ophoff, and the historical view of our churches. When the majority of the congregation wanted the consistory to put Rev. H. Veldman on trio, the consistory refused claiming that Rev. Veldman was a “Kerkverwoester” a church destroyer. The consistory knew that putting Rev. Veldman on trio might lead to his getting the call. Then there would be no conditional preaching. Rev. H.C. Hoeksema was not acceptable because he was “Eenkantig'” one sided, although the opposition halfheartedly admitted he had good sermons. But they said “We have to do something too.” 

In view of this history it is plain that the writer of Lynden’s news item was trying to cover up that history with the pious talk of a long and prayerful consideration. Is it any wonder then that the old Lynden Consistory could go only one way? That way was of the recognition of the theology of the two statements even when those statements were condemned by De Wolf’s consistory in accord with the advice of Classis East. 

The next item I want to deny as a lie, is the charge that Lynden’s faithful Protestant Reformed people were instructed from a certain “headquarters” that we must refrain from attending our church. This charge is a lie. I repeat, because our faithful Lynden Protestant Reformed people never received any instructions from any headquarters either before that Saturday of which the Concordia’s article, speaks, or at any other time. Rev. Howerzyl was well informed that Rev. H.C. Hoeksema was asked to come to Lynden by the faithful group; therefore he should not be slandered as the organizer of the faithful Lynden group. We did not meet under the old Lynden consistory on the following Lord’s Day after the consistory announced its stand to uphold De Wolf’s heresy. We could not meet and uphold his condemned heresy. 

Another item in the same article declares that the faithful Lynden Protestant Reformed people are victims of a persistent propaganda, and do not know where they are going. This charge again is a lie. We are not victims at all of any persistent propaganda that is supposed to be designed to hurt us spiritually, but we are recipients of God’s grace, whereby He gives us His church, the spiritual wisdom and insight, to see the way of His cause and His truth. In this cause we must stand. This is our privilege. And our calling. 

H. Van Der Veen, Jr.