The New RFPA Book Club

Several weeks ago I mentioned in an editorial on Publications News that I had a secret. We are now ready to tell the secret. 

During the next few weeks you will be receiving a letter from the RFPA Publications Committee about the formation of the new RFPA Book Club. This letter is being sent to all Standard Bearer subscribers. We urge you to respond promptly. By joining our Book Club you will be helping tremendously in the work of publishing our Protestant Reformed literature, and you will be helping yourself at the same time because of the attractive discount on our books which will be available to Book Club members. 

Here are the details: 

1. The Book Club is open to all Standard Bearersubscribers. 

2. There is no membership fee. The only obligation will be that you must agree to purchase every new book which we publish at a price of 20% off the regular price, plus postage. If you are a member, you will receive such new books automatically, will be billed, and will be expected to pay promptly by return mail. Incidentally, we hope to publish at least two new books during 1978. 

3. Membership, however, also entitles you to order any of our previous publications at that same handsome discount of 20%. This means a saving of $1.99 on a book like “When I Survey. . . .”, which normally retails for $9195. 

We wish to emphasize that for the R.F.P.A. the success of this venture is dependent on having an OVERWHELMING response. We would like to have EVERY subscriber join the Book Club. As I have mentioned before, we need cash in order to publish books. Much of our money is tied up in our inventory of books. But a guarantee in advance of a large market for our new books through this Book Club will enable us to produce new books regularly. 

We urge you, therefore, to respond IMMEDIATELY when you receive our letter, and mail us your membership card PROMPTLY.