The Making of a Book (In Pictures)

Once a manuscript is ready and the Publications Committee has decided to print it, it goes to the Managing Editor. She is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the entire publishing process. First of all, the manuscript is edited and corrected by her, bids on typesetting and printing are obtained, and the production process begins. 

The next step is typesetting. Recently almost all of our books have been typeset by Mrs. Judi Doezema, who does this work on a part-time basis in addition to her teaching. 

While this is going on, the wheels are set in motion to prepare the cover (if the book is a paperback) or the dust-jacket (if the book is hard cover). Mr. Jeff Steenholdt, a commercial artist and member of our Kalamazoo Prot. Ref. Church, has done all of the artwork for the last few years. We think he does excellent work in preparing attractive and artistic covers and dust-jackets. By the way, he is also hard at work on the art-work for our projected Bible story book.

Once our typesetter has prepared the page-proofs, the Managing Editor and her assistant do a thorough job of proof-reading-striving to eliminate all typographical errors. Then the work goes back to the typesetter for final corrections. At last the “camera-ready” pages are finished. These are then shipped to one of the large lithography firms in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here the camera work is done, plates are prepared, and the actual printing is done. Usually two or three thousand copies are printed. 

If the book is a paperback, the entire process is finished in Ann Arbor; and the books are shipped to our rented warehouse facility. If the book is clothbound, the printed folios are shipped to John H. Dekker & Sons Bindery. There the binding takes place, dust-covers (printed locally in Grand Rapids) are added, the books are shrink-wrapped for protection against dirt and moisture, and then shipped to our warehouse. 

From that point on, the work belongs to Mr. Henry Vander Wal, who operates out of a basement office in his own home. He is responsible for supplying books to our wholesaler distributor, Kregel Publications, as well as for mailing (and billing) books to R.F.P.A. Book Club members, to others of our Standard Bearerreaders who order them, and to various overseas book dealers.