A so-called “Calvinistic Conference” is scheduled to be held in Grand Rapids in June. At this conference the Rev. H. J. Ockenga, pastor the Park St. Church in Boston, is to deliver the keynote address. Now, surely, if the keynote address is to serve its purpose, it ought to sound the basic note that should be heard throughout all the speeches and discussions of the conference. And if this is to be true in a Calvinistic Conference, that keynote address ought to be very sharply and definitely Calvinistic. If this does not characterize the keynote address, if it should sound a false note, and if the entire conference should, nevertheless, follow its lead, the whole conference is bound to be a failure. Now, I am informed that this Rev. Ockenga is far from being a Calvinist, that, in fact, he is an outspoken Arminian, that from his own pulpit he repeatedly denounces those that deny that Christ died for all men, openly teaches that if a man is lost it is because he refused the atonement Christ made in his behalf; that the nearest approach he is inclined to make to Calvinism is the admission that there is a decree of election and reprobation on the basis of foreknowledge, and that, besides, he is Premillenarian dispensationalist! I am informed, moreover, that he makes no claim to being a Calvinist, and that he has informed the committee in charge of the program for the Calvinistic Conference of his views. And, finally, I am informed, that he was told that the Conference wanted him as their keynote speaker nevertheless. The party that informed me of all this was deeply shocked by it all, and could not understand that a man like the Rev. Ockenga could really be seriously wanted as the keynote speaker at a Calvinistic Conference. I share my informant’s disgust, although, being somewhat more fully acquainted with the tendencies of those that organize a conference of this kind, I cannot share his amazement. It is to be feared that, if the two men were living today, Arminius would be invited to deliver the keynote address at a modern Calvinistic Conference, while John Calvin would hardly be tolerated at its meetings. But it is a shocking thing, nevertheless, that an avowed Arminian is to deliver the keynote address at what purports to be a Calvinistic conference ! May those, however, who still love the pure truth as it is in Christ, be forewarned!