The Heidelberg Catechism, (An Exposition) Vol. IX,Love thy Neighbor for God’s Sake, by Rev. H. Hoeksema. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, Mich. $2.50. 

It is with great pleasure that I announce the 9th volume of the series on the Heidelberger to you.

I am also authorized to tell you that the 10th and final volume is at present in the hands of the printers, and that it will come off the press shortly. 

And with that 10th and final volume the Herculean task to which the Rev. Hoeksema set himself shall have been completed. 

I said “Herculean,” and the term is correct. Attend to this: no one during the one hundred years existence of the Reformed churches on our shores has ever attempted to write a series such as this. 

Yes, it is the only commentary on our beloved Heidelberger in the English language. 

The present volume is a neat piece of work from the point of view of the printer’s art. It is clothed in an attractive jacket, has firm and strong binding, a clear letter, strong paper, and is of comparatively light weight, which makes for easy handling while reading. 

As to its contents, it treats of the second table of the law, from the fifth commandment to the tenth, from the 39th to the 44th Lord’s day. 

I have, of course, read this volume also, just as I have read (and that many times) the earlier volumes in this series. It is, however, impossible to give you a comprehensive report on its contents within the narrow scope of this public announcement. Buy the book and read it, and it will strike you again how our brother Hoeksema has received the priceless gift to write plainly regarding the deepest and most profound truths of Holy Scripture. This book is not only for ministers. It is very readable, as are the other 8 volumes. And there should not be a Protestant Reformed home without this wonderful series on the Heidelberger.