Many of us must have heard a rumor that Dr. Schilder is planning to visit us, and to speak for us in behalf of the cause of the liberated churches in the Netherlands.

There was basis for this rumor. Some time ago undersigned received a cablegram from him to that effect with the addition: “Letter follows”. Considerable time elapsed before that letter arrived. When it came, the brother informed me that he intended to come during the summer. I hastened to answer that letter, and to tell him that, if he intended to speak here, the summer period would be the worst to select, since it is well-nigh impossible to get an audience in the hot weather. He finally replied that he would try to leave the latter part of August, so that he will be with us, most probably during September and October.

Dr. Schilder knows quite well what is our attitude with respect to their movement, both from a church political and doctrinal viewpoint. He knows that we do not agree with their covenant conception, and that we take the same stand as they church politically. He is assured, too, that in spite of our differences our churches will give him a hearing. He trusts that we still love him, and that we will give him a warm reception. In this, I think, he will not be disappointed. May I suggest that all our churches make arrangements to receive him and let him speak?

(He comes here without any definite assurance of remuneration. It ought not be difficult at all for us to more than pay for his trip (excuse the split infinitive).

He will, no doubt, be glad to speak for Christian Reformed Churches, too. After all, I still am convinced that they are much closer to the liberated churches doctrinally than we are. Besides, there ought to be enough fairness and open mindedness with them to be willing to hear the other side.

In fact, I am sure that he would enjoy to explain himself, and give all kinds of opportunity for questions and debate, before the faculty of Calvin College and Seminary.

How about it, brethren? Is not this a splendid opportunity to hear the other side?

The Standard Bearer will gladly make arrangements for you.

Or, perhaps, you prefer to make arrangements with him personally?

Write: Prof. Dr. K. Schilder, Vloeddijk 14, Kampen, Nederland.

We extend, besides, a hearty invitation to you all to come and hear him in our churches. Reserved seats, as in ‘39, I am sure, for ministers and professors, if desired.