From The Grand Rapids Press we learn that the last held Synod of the Christian Reformed Churches adopted certain “principles” in re labor unions. Here follows the entire article as it appeared in The Press:

“In a special session Thursday evening at Calvin College the Synod of the Christian Reformed Church adopted principles governing relation of its members to labor unions.

“The labor question, considered by synodical gath­erings since 1883, came before the present assembly for complete formulation of standards. Principles adopted were suggested by a committee which has studied the problem three years: Dr. Ralph Danhof of Holland, vice president of synod; Prof. Louis Berkhof, president of Calvin seminary; John VanVels, active in the Christian Labor association, and Dr. Garret Heyns, state corrections director.

“The principles adopted are as follows:

“1. Church membership and membership in a so-called neutral labor union (CIO and AFL) are com­patible as long as such union gives no constitutional warrant to sin, nor shows in its regular activities that it champions sin.

“2. The Biblical doctrine of corporate responsi­bility and the Biblical teaching of the Christian’s separation from the world make it imperative for members of neutral labor organizations to discontinue membership if such unions whose common practices are clearly in conflict with the principles of the word of God.

“3. The doctrine of corporate responsibility does not imply that membership in unions which have engaged in sinful practices of itself makes one liable o ecclesiastical censure; however, when members of the church render themselves guilty of acts that are con­trary to the word of God, the usual application of the rules for discipline shall be made. Corporate responsi­bility may render one worthy of ecclesiastical disci­pline but the degree of guilt must be determined by the local consistories.

“4. Consistories and classes should take careful note of the practices of labor organizations in their respective communities to determine whether member­ship in the church and membership in such organizations are compatible.

“Synod approved the Christian Labor association with headquarters in this city, for moral and financial support from the church.”

As our churches are deeply interested in the union question, we hope to discuss these decisions of the Synod of the Christian Reformed Churches.