John A. Heys is a minister emeritus in the Protestant Reformed Churches.

When Satan came to Eve with his lie about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he revealed his hatred toward God. But he also made plain his hatred toward man, who loved God and was created in His image. He came to Eve in order to get to Adam. And he got Adam, in order to get man’s love toward God taken away from the whole human race. Therefore he took possession of the mouth and voice box of the serpent, in order to get into man’s heart and mind.

Here already we had the shadow of the demon possession of which we read in the time of Jesus’ ministry. Demon possession of that most subtle beast of the field was a shadow of the demon possession that appeared in man about 4,000 years later. Satan got possession of the tongue and vocal cords of the most subtle beast of the field, the earthly creature which, if today man could find his body in its original form, would by the evolutionists, and so-called theistic evolutionists, be called the missing link. Satan had already gotten a host of the angels to hate God and rebel against Him. Now, through this creature that was made closest to man, Satan strives to make man after his own defiled nature and image, so that man would hate God and turn away from Him.

We ought, therefore, to take seriously into consideration the fact that Satan is still today striving to get us to eat his lie, that it is good to do what God calls evil. That is really what Adam and. Eve ate. They ate Satan’s lie that turns man in hatred toward God. And remember that you cannot unite and, join Satan’s atheistic thinking with what God says in His word. Therefore “theistic evolution” is only a so-called theistic doctrine. Actually, as will be pointed out, this so-called theistic evolution is atheistic evolution.

If we change God’s words in Genesis 1-11, because unbelievers who are atheists do so, how can we accept what God says in Isaiah 7:14 and in Luke 2:26-37 as fact and not fiction? Twist Genesis l-l 1 and you have to twist the birth of Christ as well. If it took billions of years for God to bring forth man out of the animal world, how can we believe that He brought forth Christ into being through a virgin birth, and that only nine months after conception? If it took billions of years for the all-wise and almighty God to bring men into being, how can we, and why do we want to, say that He brought Christ into our flesh without conception through a man? No, the so-called theistic evolutionist wants to take the words Satan gave to the unbelievers, rather than the words God gave through the believers.

The word theistic comes from the Greek word Theos which means God. And to be theistic you have to agree with God and reject everything that Satan and the unbelievers say about Christ, and about how He realized this creation. You just cannot be theistic and evolutionistic at the same time. To be theistic you have to agree one hundred percent with God in all that He says, and reject all the lies of Satan, as he speaks through the atheists. You cannot agree with God and with Satan .in anything that pertains to God.

And there are today many more false doctrines which Satan speaks through men. What Satan did to Adam through Eve and the serpent, he is still doing to mankind today. In the world today he is using an instrument closer to man than the one he used initially upon man. In the garden of Eden he used the serpent, until he got hold of Eve’s heart and mind. Then he used Eve to get hold of Adam. And now he uses many men in the church world to try to get as many as he can to call good what God calls evil.

We do well, therefore, in these last days to be on our guard. For Satan’s crafty, subtle ways are even more clever and dangerous today. Today also he can preach the lie from pulpits in the churches, and over the radio and through the television sets. He makes prolific use of the printing press and gets songs written with very rich harmony and very pleasing melodies, to get us to eat (and sing) the fruit of his tree of knowledge of evil that he calls good.

Remember that Satan said that man would be like God, knowing good and evil, if he walked in rebellion against God. Get that! By sinning, we would become like God, and God would have to listen to us, not we to Him. We would be able to decide for ourselves what is good and what is evil. God would now have to listen to us. In fact, and do not overlook this fact, Satan made Adam and Eve believe that God is a liar! He, that is God, was afraid of man and threatened him with death, if he ate of that fruit, so that He would continue to be God alone. And today Satan through men is preaching the lie about creation and the way it all came into being. He is trying to get men to listen to him; rather than to listen to God, about how man came into being. He dares to call God’s words fiction rather than fact! But there is no proof in Scripture that this is not fact and is fiction. No, theistic evolution gets that idea from Satan through the atheists who are evolutionists!

And God revealed and recorded to us this attack of Satan upon mankind, so that we would see this shadow of the coming sins—sins coming from the day Adam and Eve sinned, but coming in even more dreadful and devilish form in the days ahead of us—that the antichrist and his followers will commit. It is then our calling to instruct our children and grandchildren in the days to come. The trend and tendency today, to avoid exposing false doctrines, only reveals how hard Satan is working now, as well as in the garden of Eden, to get our covenant seed to eat of the fruit of his tree of the belief: that evil is good.

Let us not act as though Satan is taking a vacation and now has less hatred against God. That he wants men to insist upon theistic evolution is one of his crafty ways of trying to get us and our children to turn from God, and decide for ourselves what is good and evil. Satan used God’s name and did not tell Eve that there is no God. So-called theistic evolution also uses God’s name and does not approach you merely with the unbeliever’s atheistic evolution. Yes, Satan is very, very active today and doing all he can to produce the antichrist who will call himself God, II Thessalonians 2:4. In that day of the antichrist we will see the climax of this lie of Satan to Eve. Adam and Eve as led by Satan strove to be like God. The antichrist will boldly claim to be God. Adam and Eve immediately: realized that they had not become gods. The antichrist will loudly-proclaim the lie that he is God. And today man, with all his inventions and achievements with the things God created, is more and more fully believing Satan’s lie that man is God. It begins to look more and more .as though we do not need God. And man today can seem to do so much more in six thousand years than God could do in billions of years, if so-called theistic evolution is the truth.

Let us say for argument’s sake that the first eleven chapters of Genesis are fiction rather than fact. What are we going to do then with Exodus 20? Everything from Genesis 12 through Exodus 20:7 is fact; but verses 8-11 are fiction? There in the fourth commandment of His law God says that He created the heavens and the earth and all that in them is in six days (not periods) and rested the seventh day. Well, now, He worked for millions of years and then rested one million, years? God, said it by using the very same word for day in both instances, did He not? What is more, He had already said that we must hallow one day in the week, and He uses the same word as He used to point out that He created the world. So we must keep a billion years holy? How can we when the number of our days is threescore and ten, or fourscore by reason, of strength?

Through the ages all the saints took Genesis 1-11 as fact and not fiction. They were theists not atheists. But now, has Satan’s lie been proven to be a truth? Have we become like God by our eating of the forbidden fruit, so that now we can correctly find fault with what God said and wrote through men? Or is Satan at work in the church of Christ and striving to get us to reject the whole word of God? If we have been deceived by Satan into believing that Genesis 1-11 is fiction, can we stop there? Should we not go on to making the coming of His Son into our flesh as fiction, and agree with the godless Jews who crucified Him for making such a bold claim that He is the Son of God? Have we not a shadow here in the garden of Eden of Satan’s lie that man will elevate himself, by sin, to the point where he can tell God that He has given us the wrong words about His amazing creation of the universe and that which it contains? Can we be sure that this lie of atheistic rather than theistic evolution will not produce and bring forth claims that more passages of Holy Writ ire fiction?

If, when God speaks of days in regard to the work which He performs, He means millions of years, how can we be sure that it is a fact that Jesus was in His grave only three days and is risen? If we are going to listen to the unbelievers about what God did in the beginning, rather than listen to God, where are we going to stop? Look at all the sin that came into the world from the day that Adam and Eve sinned against God. It brought forth the cross of Christ, as we pointed out last time. And it also brought forth this so-called theistic evolution, which will bring forth more twistings of God’s word and prepare the way for the antichrist, who still uses the name God, but callshimself God.

Are we going to listen to God or to Satan? As we read in Daniel 12:4, in the coming days man shall “run to and fro”—and indeed he has done so in his space flights and landing on the moon—and “knowledge shall be increased.” Man does today understand more of the creation in which God placed him. Not only did he discover the Americas and the undeniable fact that the earth is a round globe. He has learned to know chemicals and electronics, how to make automobiles and other machines, radios, television sets and computers, to mention only a few items that reveal his knowledge far above what men had in the Old Testament dispensation. But the more he learns about God’s creation, the more he rules God out of it. And in the church world today Satan has succeeded in getting some to listen to that lie that looks at this whole world apart from God. How can we call thattheistic evolution? Yes, that philosophy still says that God created all things. Satan is careful in the church to use God’s name. As pointed out, Satan did that to Eve and through her to Adam. But receiving and holding on to the atheist’s explanation of creation is listening to Satan as he speaks through men. It is twisting God’s words to let Satan’s servants give us “knowledge and understanding” of the world in which God placed us. And you can be sure that there are more sins coming into the church in the day of the antichrist, because this approach to Scripture opens the door to more work of Satan.

Satan got Adam and Eve to break God’s law by getting them to eat of the forbidden fruit. God’s law said that they might not. Satan got them to believe that they not only might, but that they would improve their lot that way. And today Satan has gotten so-called theistic evolutionists to break God’s law. And through that lie he is going to get more lawlessness into the church, and not more glory and praise for the all-wise and almighty God, Who only had to speak and call to get done what He wanted. And if we break that fourth commandment and say that part of it is fiction, can we be sure that the breaking of more of these ten commandments will not follow? A departure from the truth, a denial of what GOD says, will always lead to a denial of Him. And even as Satan’s clever attack upon Adam and Eve was a shadow of what unbelievers did since that day, so his present day attacks upon God’s word are shadows of more atheistic sins that are around the corner.

Rather than to minimize these present day attacks of Satan upon the truth, we had better oppose them with all our strength. Let us fight the atheists and their evolution rather than let them, by what arose in the minds of unbelievers, pump that lie into the coming generations. And be careful not to call Jesus a liar. InMatthew 24:38 and Luke 17:17 He speaks of the day that Noah entered into the ark. If Genesis 1-11 is fiction and not fact, then Jesus preached the lie. He presented it as a fact. He made absolutely no suggestion even that this was fiction or a parable.

It is far less dangerous to have our children exposed to evolution by atheists than by so-called theistic evolutionists. These so-called theistic evolutionists use and introduce God’s name into this heresy and deny Him His glory. They present Him as writing what nowhere else appears in His word. The simple fact which God presents to us in Holy Writ is that nowhere after Genesis 1-11 does He even suggest that He calledall creation into being over billions of years. This lie you find only on the lips of those under Satan’s power. Believe this lie that Satan gave to unbelievers, and you agree with Satan that man, yea, that the unbelievers, know what is good and what is evil, and can express it more clearly than God did. The so-called theistic evolutionist does use God’s name. But maintaining a philosophy that Satan worked into the hearts and minds of unbelievers reveals how dangerous this false doctrine is. Here, too, we have a shadow of coming heresies and sins.