Thanks, Mr. Treasurer!

Being a treasurer of an organization is, I suppose, usually considered to be a rather staid and prosaic job, rather routine and dull. After all, it involves, for the most part, keeping accurate records of a lot of dull figures. 

But there is great benefit for any organization in having a good treasurer. And this is especially true, I think, when it comes to our denominational, or synodical, treasurer. 

Our churches have lost such a good treasurer with the retirement of brother Charles Pastoor—known to many of us simply as “Charlie.” He became our synodical treasurer by the appointment of the Synod of 1957, and he retired at the end of fiscal 1980. 

What are the attributes of a good treasurer? 

There are several. He must keep accurate records. He must, of course, be trustworthy. He must be prompt. All these are attributes of a good treasurer of any organization. 

But there are also attributes, I think, which should especially characterize a man who fills the position of synodical treasurer. For one thing, he must be devoted to the cause of our Protestant Reformed Churches. For another, he must have an understanding of the situation and the needs of the individual congregations with which he has to work so much. Further, he needs a sympathetic understanding of the various denominational labors of our churches. And he must have a good overview of the assets and the needs of various synodical funds, so that he will be in a position to inform and advise the various committees whose funds he handles and so that he can advise synod and its finance committee each year when it is time to establish the synodical budget and to determine the assessments for the year. 

All these attributes brother Pastoor has manifested in the twenty-two years of his tenure as treasurer. And along with this, let it be said, there has always been the bonus of his droll humor. 

This means, too, that our brother has been a singular gift of God to our churches.

As he retires from his position of treasurer, we express our sincere thanks to him; and above all, we express thanks to our faithful covenant God Who supplies His church with such servants. And may the Lord continue to bless brother Pastoor and his family in the midst of our churches. 

Welcome, too, to our new synodical treasurer, Mr. Richard H. Teitsma!