Supporting the National Right To Work Committee

A reader sent in the following question: 

May we as Christians and as Protestant Reformed people support the National Right to Work Committee? 

The questioner included some material about this committee. In the meantime, I have also written for information in regard to their various activities. From all that I have read it is evident that they are working hard to oppose the unions, which prevent many of our members from finding work, especially in certain areas. They speak of:

“Their defeat of the union bosses’ so-called law ‘reform’ and situs picketing bills.” 

“The total defeat of over 250 pieces of union-backed compulsory unionism legislation in 45 state legislatures within the last 18 months.”

“And the hard-hitting Right to Work offensives in several states, including passage of a new Right to Work law in Louisiana.”

From all that I have read I see no wrong in supporting this movement, as long as one does not become compelled to become a member of it. 

In instances of this sort, such as cancer societies, tuberculosis organizations, and the like, one is inclined to give a certain amount of support, because they are able to extend help in areas that the diaconate cannot reach. 

Yet the question arises, will an organization like the Right to Work Committee agree with the Scriptural principles that we maintain as Prot. Ref. Churches? We certainly must distinguish between “rights,” for even though we as individuals have certain rights among our fellow men, we have no Rights before the face of God! For example, a few years ago there was a very strong movement under way against ruthless abortions under the banner of “The Right to Live.” This movement was by no means ready to adopt our Protestant Reformed principles. If an organization openly rejects, or refuses to accept the principles of Scripture, we want no part of it. 

It may be that there are those among our readers who know more about the Right to Work Committee, and also have some comments to make either for or against it. 

This Question Box is ready and eager to receive your opinions. May we hear from you?