Balance on hand, August 31—$1,626.80






Bound volumes—$279.00

Annual receipts—$7,580.51

Total receipts—$9,207.31


Wobbema Printing—$7,545.45


Holland Bookbinding—$199.50

Mr. Dykstra, Gift—$300.00

Yakes Office Supply—$90.00

Total Disbursements—$8,246.17

BALANCE ON HAND, AUGUST 31, 1963—$961.14


1st Prot. Ref. Church—$1,139.18

Hudsonville Prot. Ref. Church—$500.00

Hope Prot. Ref. Church—$165.77

Hull Prot. Ref. Church—$85.10

South Holland Prot. Ref. Church—$218.76

Southwest Prot. Ref. Church—$155.12

Oaklawn Prot. Ref. Church—$46.05

Redlands Prot. Ref. Church—$69.00

Edgerton Prot. Ref. Church—$13.55

Holland Prot. Ref. Church—$80.05

Doon Prot. Ref. Church—$78.71

Randolph Prot. Ref. Church—$53.40

Kalamazoo Prot. Ref. Church—$30.50

Southeast Prot. Ref. Church—$24.50

Loveland Prot. Ref. Church—$10.53

Pella Prot. Ref. Church—$50.00

Creston Prot. Ref. Church—$90.65

Grand Haven Prot. Ref. Church—$108.10


First Church Ladies’ Aid—$125.00

Holland Men’s Society—$25.00

Oaklawn Men’s Society—$25.00

Southwest Men’s Society—$25.00

Isabel P.R. Church—$26.41

Redlands Men’s Society—$15.00

P.R. Men’s League—$82.60

Hope Men’s Society—$35.00

Redlands Mary-Martha—$25.00

Isabel Adult Bible Class—$25.00

Holland Ladies’ Aid—$17.36


NOTE: In 1962, our disbursements were $1,339.00 more than our receipts; but due to a $500.00 increase in gifts in 1963 over against 1962, our bank balance only dropped $665.00 in 1963. In other words, our disbursements in 1963 were only $665.00 more than our receipts. We must increase our income during 1964 by at least $700.00 or our next annual report will show a zero balance. We urge each of you to do what you can to help us financially. And we urgently request our various consistories to remember us regularly with special collections. 

—D. KNOPER, Treasurer