Staff Meeting

At its annual meeting in June, the staff of The Standard Bearer (the contributing editors) reappointed all the officers. Most of the rubrics and writers will also remain the same during the coming volume year.

There will be a few changes. Rev. M. Kamps and Rev. C. Terpstra will write the ‘Taking Heed to the Doctrine” rubric with Rev. B. Woudenberg. Rev. Kamps and Rev. Terpstra intend to cooperate in writing on Reformed doctrine following the order of the traditional six loci of Reformed theology: doctrine of God; of man; of Christ; of salvation; of the church; and of the last things. Rev. Kamps will lead off with the Reformed doctrine of Scripture. Rev. Woudenberg plans to continue his study of the biblical teaching on the call of the gospel. All of these men will be writing for the people, not for the theologians. We intend these to be articles that not only refresh the doctrinal understanding of Reformed men and women, but also can be used to instruct others in the fundamentals of biblical truth. We drop for now the rubric, “Guided into All Truth.”

Rev. C. Haak will share with Rev. G. VanBaren the writing of Bible study outlines for societies and personal use. Following completion of the outlines on Philippians, we will publish outlines on the book of Ruth. We encourage our societies to choose their books for Bible study accordingly. We will do our very best to stay ahead of the society meetings in publishing the outlines.

Rev. R. Dykstra will co-edit “Strength of Youth” with Rev. B. Gritters. Rev. Dykstra will concentrate on issues faced by our college students. No doubt he would appreciate suggestions and questions from college students, as does Rev. Gritters from all our young people. You can send them in care of The SB. We remind our readers that we will send The SB to college students without charge. Inform the business office of their name and college address.

A new rubric will consist of brief explanations of key biblical words. Rev. D. Kuiper will write the column. Look for the heading, “A Word Fitly Spoken,” in this issue.

With regret, the staff accepted the resignation because of age of long-time staff member, Rev. C. Hanko. Rev. Hanko began to write for The SBin 1929. He became a member of the staff in 1935 and has been a member since then. We thank him for his significant contribution to the Reformed faith and life as maintained in the PRC through his writing for The SB. Replacing Rev. Hanko as editor of “The Reader Asks” will be the editorial committee. We asked Rev. Hanko about the early history of The SB. His response is his “Reminiscences on the Early SB” elsewhere in this issue.

These are the plans for The SB in the coming year, if the Lord will.

We welcome the new writers. We thank those who have been writing and are willing to continue. Cooperation has been excellent. Deadlines are met. Copy is on hand. May this continue.


Observant subscribers will have noticed that in the past few months The SB has been arriving earlier than before. Previously, the magazine was mailed on the date that appears on the cover. Of late, we have mailed each issue several days prior to the date of the issue so that many, if not most, of our subscribers receive the magazine by the date of the issue. This has required the cooperation of our writers, obligingly given. It is in large part due to the indefatigable efforts of our industrious managing editor, Mr. Don Doezema, to whom a hearty thanks.

A few localities, however, still get the magazine intolerably late. The cause of the delay is the postal service in those areas, not our tardiness in mailing. Alas, we can do nothing about this. The intolerable delay must be tolerated. We trust that the magazine is worth waiting for.


It is gratifying that subscriptions to The SB have risen to almost 2200. We are by no means satisfied with this, however. The Board of the Reformed Free Publishing Association and the editorial committee of The SB are working together closely in order to increase subscriptions. Appearing in this issue is an open letter to our present subscribers. The letter asks the help of our readers by sending the business office of The SB the names and addresses of persons who might be interested in receiving our magazine. We will send all those whose names are submitted a sample copy of The SB with an order form offering a year’s subscription for only $6.

I ask our readers to respond to the request of the open letter. By doing so you help us to spread the witness of The SB to the Reformed faith among a wider circle. Send us the names of relatives, friends, and acquaintances who might be willing to receive the magazine. We will do the rest. We are especially desirous to make the magazine known to people outside the PRC. The address and telephone number of the business office are found in the masthead.

We are also exploring other avenues of adding to our readership. The Board of the R.F.P.A. has sent a letter to the evangelism committees of the PRC requesting their mailing lists and suggesting that they include promotional material of The SBin their own mailings.

Advertising The SB in other, selected religious magazines is another means that we are using. We are presently running our first ad in the Presbyterian weekly, Christian Observer.

Reaching those members of the PRC who do not subscribe is another goal. The staff recently discussed ways in which our PR consistories can help us with this objective. The editorial committee will be addressing the consistories on this matter. 100% participation by the membership of the PRC is a reasonable desire. One way to achieve this is that every consistory make a year’s subscription their wedding present to newly married couples.

The message of The SB is worthy, we think, of the widest possible hearing.

Read the open letter.

Let us hear from you.

If every subscriber sends in five names, we can offer the magazine to 10,000 people. If half would subscribe, our subscription list would more than triple, to 7,000. This would be a good start.