This issue is the first of Volume 52, and you will notice a few changes. All change is not improvement; but we hope and pray that these changes will serve to help ourStandard Bearer hold high the standard, and that they will kindle continued interest on the part of you, our readers. 

One change we already noted in our last issue. Reluctantly we released Mr. Donald Doezema from his duties as news editor; and we welcome Mr. Kenneth Vink as his replacement. 

For many years we have seen Prof. H. Hanko’s name in the department All Around Us. That will be different from now on. Prof. Hanko has agreed to write for a new department on practical theology. The name of the department is “My Sheep Hear My Voice“. For the rest, Prof. Hanko himself will introduce. this department to you. 

What about All Around Us? This department will be under the care of another of our veteran writers, Rev. Herman Veldman, who has already been busy perusing the many religious papers which we receive on an exchange basis. By the way, Rev. Veldman will be carrying more than a full load of writing this year: for he has also agreed to contribute one-third of the meditations in this volume, even as last year. 

The department In His Fear will be revived this year, and it will also have some new blood. Pastor Meindert Joostens, of Faith Prot. Ref. Church in Jenison, Michigan, will be writing for this department in 11 of our 21 issues. The other 10 issues will be the responsibility of Rev. Dale Kuiper, as in the past. Welcome to the Staff, Rev. Joostens!

During the coming volume-year we also expect to feature a larger number of guest articles from several of our ministers who are not members of the staff. This feature of our magazine serves a dual purpose, you know: it adds variety to our magazine, and it gives potential future staff-members an opportunity to try their pens—or, if you will, to break in gradually. 

For the rest, all departments and editors will continue as last year, with the exception that one of our faithful veterans, Rev. John Heys, was given a dispensation to contribute on an irregular basis for The Day of Shadows

And now, brethren of the writers’ guild, let us all go to work with a will, each contributing his due share! And may the Lord our God bless our Standard Bearer’switness in the coming year, even as He has abundantly done so in the past.