For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11

As Christians, you and I cannot help but be impressed by COVID-19. The words of Jesus Christ throughout Scripture ring in our minds as we witness the latest developments in the world around us. The question we face is: what is our reaction to these events? Do we react with fear? Are we filled with anxiety and worry and maybe even dread? Do we wonder what the government or maybe our employers are doing to protect us?

Although it may be true that some of these correctly describe our feelings, at least to a degree, if our reaction ends here, then we are not seeing COVID-19 for what it truly is, a sign of the return of our Lord. We are missing the certain comfort that is ours amid an anxious and uncertain world.

Imagine for a moment that you are traveling to a des­tination at which you are very excited to arrive. As you travel, along the way you see signs that announce your destination to you and the direction you must travel to get there. These signs do three things. In the first place, every sign you encounter on the road serves to confirm to you the reality of your destination. The place you are traveling towards is an actual, physical place, and eventually, you will arrive there. Secondly, each sign serves to inform you that you are on the right road. The road you are on will indeed take you to your very real destination. Finally, these first two results serve to build within you a growing anticipation and excitement that continue to build until at long last, you reach your des­tination.

This, beloved, is how we must view COVID-19 as it points us to our Lord’s coming again. It is real! He is coming, and this sign, along with all the other signs, proves it! And although our individual roads may vary drastically, seeing this sign and all the other signs for what they are; proof that our Lord is coming again— and that very soon—assures us that the road He has placed us on and leads us along, will bring us to our intended goal or end. Yes, because of our fallen human nature we experience some anxiety, worry, and even dread. But child of God, by faith, knowing these signs, and to what they point, and the assurance this brings, can we not help but be filled with an ever growing an­ticipation and yes, even excitement, as we look forward to the day that our Lord Jesus Christ will come again?

Indeed, “Come Lord Jesus, come quickly!”