We sent the following communication to De Reformatie:

Prof. Dr. K. Schilder,


To those readers that have difficulty to read Dutch, let me explain, briefly, the occasion and contents of the above communication.

A Rev. L. Doekes, writing on the covenant question in favor of the view generally held by the “Liberated Churches” in the Netherlands, made the remark that I, as well as my opponents in this country, cast a smoke screen over the covenant promises of God.

In the above communication, I kindly invite the brother to refrain from making such general statements, to point out just where I cast such a smoke screen, to prove that I actually am guilty of such an act, and to give me an opportunity to discuss this matter with him in De Reformatie.

At the same time, I promise the brother that I will offer a faithful translation of our discussion, should he consent to it, in our paper.

Let us await results.

H. H.