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chap. 1:2-4, (continued)  “My brethren” James writes. There is the affection of the love of God in this address, “My brothers.” The inspired writer means to identify himself with the saints in the dispersion. He wants them to understand that he knows what they are experiencing in the divers temptations they encounter. They must be assured that the admonition of these verses and the sharp rebukes of the letter generally are meant for their eternal good. James writes out of the love of God for the brothers scattered abroad. 

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CHAPTER 1:58 The question to be answered is, “What is this wisdom which, according to the text, we lack?” Wisdom is not to be confused with intellectual knowledge. One may be brilliant and have a head full of knowledge and still be a fool. One may even have a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures and be a fool. James is speaking of the wisdom of God. We must ask for wisdom of God because “the Lord giveth wisdom” (Prov. 2:6). There is no other source of true wisdom than the Lord.

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