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Knowing the truth of Scripture about the second coming of Jesus Christ, how then will we live? Believing that His coming is near, how then will we live? The end of an old year, century, and millennium and the beginning of the new markers of time speak to the heart of the true church of the coming of Jesus Christ. The passing of time has such a voice by virtue of Christ’s Word, “Surely I come quickly” (Rev. 22:20). This Word presses time into the service of the second, bodily coming of Him who is now Lord of time as...

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At the beginning of a new year, the church is reminded of the second coming of Jesus Christ and the end of all things. The reminder is especially forceful when the beginning of a new year is also the beginning of a new millennium. Jesus Christ is coming the second time. He is coming quickly. He is coming for the salvation of all who look for Him. He is coming to raise our bodies from the dead. He is coming to conduct the final judgment in which we will be publicly vindicated and in which His and our enemies will...

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Believing the doctrine of the Bible that Jesus is coming and that His coming is near, the people of God will then live in hope of that coming. For the instituted church, this living hope will take form in a holiness that consists, among other activities, of preaching, defending, contending, and suffering. There is also the personal calling of the individual believer and of the children of believers. Hoping for the coming of Christ, each is called to a holy life. He is called to keep himself from the filthy, vile, depraved conduct of the world that increases in lawlessness...

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