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In our former article we spoke of the matters of things which are “indifferent,” sometimes called theadiaphora! Eating or not eating of meat has as such no importance; it is not the matter which determinesthe true worship of God in His church. All that which is not out of faith is sin. Not eating as well as eating meat, keeping or not keeping of days, is sin if it is not out of faith. When it is not out of faith it simply is human institution and inventions. Such cannot be the rule of faith in the church! 

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The Lord willing we shall write a short series of essays on the chapters 14 and 15 of Paul’s great epistle to the Romans. That we write on these Chapters rather than on such chapters as the fifth and sixth is due to the fact that we had occasion to preach on these chapters in our Missionary labors, with application of the principles here enunciated by Paul regarding the eating or not eating of meat and the keeping of the Sabbath day or in fact, any other day. 

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We now proceed with our exposition of the last section of this fourteenth Chapter of Paul’s epistle to the Romans. In this portion Paul directs a strong, concise and well-motivated exhortation to the brethren who are strong in the faith that is, to those who in good conscience can apply the doctrine of justification by faith, without any works of law, to all the spheres of life, believing that to the pure all things are pure! 

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