The second semester of the school-year is well underway.

Prof. R. Cammenga taught an interim course, between the semesters, on “Contemporary Roman Catholic Theology.”

Senior seminarian Heath Bleyenberg has rejoined us, having successfully completed his six-month internship in the Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church in Hudsonville, MI under the supervision of Hudsonville’s council, particularly the Rev. G. Eriks. In addition to his regular courses, Mr. Bleyenberg is preparing for his synodical examinations before the synod in June.

Third-year seminarian Cory Griess will do his internship in the Hull Protestant Reformed congregation in Hull, IA, beginning in July 2008 under the tutelage of the Rev. S. Key.

Bleyenberg and Griess are the two seminarians presently licensed to speak a word of edification in the churches.

In the good providence of God and with the help of a friend outside the Protestant Reformed Churches, the seminary was able to buy a five thousand volume theological library for a reasonable sum. The library contains several very old and rare books, including a work by Theodore Beza dating from the sixteenth century. Of special interest and value to the seminary are the many books on the Greek New Testament text of Scripture, specifically the New Testament text used by the translators of the Authorized Version. The faculty would like to see these books become the core of a special section of the library featuring the Traditional Text of the New Testament. Not only our own professors and students, but also other scholars might find this part of the library useful. Presently, the new acquisition is being sorted and catalogued.

Worthwhile conferences and special lectures enhance the learning and life of a seminary. In January, in the time between the interim course and the beginning of the second semester, all of the seminarians and Prof. B. Gritters attended a conference on Reformed missions at Westminster Seminary California in Escondido. In February, Mr. Hugo Bos, a Reformed layman from the Netherlands, spoke to the seminary, area ministers, and some interested laity on current developments in various Reformed churches in the Netherlands. In April, the Rev. E. Case, pastor of PCA congregations in Mississippi, will give three lectures on southern Presbyterianism under the auspices of the seminary. These lectures will be open to the public.

With the approval of the Theological School Committee, the faculty are planning a three-day conference on John Calvin in commemoration of the five hundredth anniversary of the birth of the Reformer in 1509. The conference will be held in Western Michigan on September 3-5, 2009, God willing. The conference purposes the spiritual benefit of the interested public, not of ministers only. It is the hope of the faculty and the Theological School Committee that many from North America and abroad, as well as from the Grand Rapids area, will attend.

In the two, special issues in 2007, theProtestant Reformed Theological Journaltreated the Reformed doctrine of the covenant, setting forth the understanding of the various aspects of the covenant by the Protestant Reformed Churches. Copies of these issues are available from the seminary.

May the Lord Christ prosper the work of the Protestant Reformed Churches in the seminary for the defense of the faith and, especially, for the training of men who will be good preachers and diligent pastors.

For the Faculty,

Prof. David J. Engelsma