The Protestant Reformed Seminary began its eighty-third year of instruction of men for the ministry of the word and sacraments on August 28.

Prof. David Engelsma opened the school year for the faculty and students with a chapel-speech on I Samuel 17:38-40 entitled, “Unsuitable Armor.”

Seven men are full-time students.

Mr. Nathan Langerak, son of the Hope Protestant Reformed Church in Walker, Michigan, is a fourth-year student. He is married to Carrie. They have two children. Nathan is presently doing his internship at the Grandville Protestant Reformed Church in Grandville, Michigan. He will finish his training with courses at the seminary the second semester.

Mr. Heath Bleyenberg is a third-year student. Heath is a son of the Edgerton Protestant Reformed Church in Edgerton, Minnesota.

Mr. Nathan Dykstra and Mr. Cory Griess are second-year students. Nathan is a son of the Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church in Hudsonville, Michigan. He is married to Brenda. They have two children.

Mr. Cory Griess is a son of the Loveland Protestant Reformed Church in Loveland, Colorado. He is married to Lael.

Three men entered the seminary for the first time this fall. Mr. Daniel Holstege is a son of the Southeast Protestant Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mr. Martyn McGeown is a son of the Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

Dr. David Torlach, a medical doctor, is a son of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia. He is married to Ruth. They have five children.

Several young men, presently in college, are taking pre-seminary courses at the seminary—Dutch Theological Reading and Greek Reading.

With the emeritation this summer of Prof. Robert Decker, Prof. Barrett Gritters is teaching the full complement of courses in the departments of New Testament and Practical Theology.

Prof. Ronald Cammenga is teaching several courses, while also continuing to prepare for teaching the departments of Dogmatics and Old Testament.

The public convocation exercises were held on September 6 at First Protestant Reformed Church in Grand Rapids. Prof. Barrett Gritters spoke from I Thessalonians 2:7 on “Ministers and (Their) Mothers.”

May Christ bless the work of the seminary, giving able, devoted, soundly Reformed pastors and teachers to His church.

For the faculty,

Prof. David J. Engelsma, Rector