Seminary Graduation—Mr. Richard G. Moore

In the midst of the busy grind of Synod, the graduation program of our Protestant Reformed Theological School constitutes a pleasant interlude. It represents achievement,—for the graduate, but also for the faculty, and for our churches. The Lord has given us another candidate for the ministry in our churches. 

This year the young man who joined the select circle of graduates of our seminary was Mr. Richard G. Moore, who came to our school from the congregation of Forbes, N.D. We extend our congratulations to him, and pray that in due time the Lord may give him a place in the ministry in one of our congregations. 

The evening’s program, held in the auditorium of First Church, was led by the president of the Theological School Committee, the Rev. Geo. C. Lubbers. There were two brief addresses in the program. One was by the Rector, who spoke on “The Joy of the Ministry.” This address, in expanded form, will be found following this article. The other was a brief address by Candidate Moore on the subject, “The Centrality of the Word in the Labors of the Minister.” Candidate Moore’s speech is also published in this issue. Audience singing and special numbers by the Hope Heralds rounded out the program, which reached its climax in the presentation of a hard-earned diploma to the candidate.

Again the Lord has given us abundant reason for thanksgiving with respect to our Seminary and its place among our churches. There will not be another graduate now for some years. But may “our school” continue to have a large place in the hearts of our people and in their prayers.