Seminary Graduation

One of the highlights of our recent Synod was the graduation program on the evening of June 7 at our Edgerton Church. Not only for the candidate, but also for all concerned, graduation is a pleasant climax for the somewhat tedious and perhaps grueling grind of synodical examinations. Our area churches were well represented at the occasion, thus attesting to the interest of our people in the Midwest. And we had a pleasant evening. The program was rounded out with audience singing and a couple of special musical numbers by Mrs. Henry Huisken and by the children of the Free Christian School of Edgerton. We listened with interest to an address by the new candidate—who, by the way, was a son of the Edgerton congregation—and to the heart-warmingly distinctive address of my colleague, Prof. Hanko, whose turn it was to speak at this graduation. At the social hour after the program I remarked to someone—and that remark was true—that one would have to search far and wide today to find a seminary graduation program with a speech of that caliber and with that keynote. Read it in this issue for yourself, and you will understand why I made that remark. 

Graduation marks achievement for Candidate Miersma—after three years of intensive seminary training. 

Graduation is also commencement. It is commencement, hopefully, in the sense that our Candidate will take up the labor of the ministry in one of our congregations to which the Lord will call him. It is commencement also in the sense that it does not mark the end of the candidate’s study and labor in the Word and doctrine, but only the beginning of a life devoted to diligent labor in the Word. 

May the Lord soon give brother Miersma a place in our churches, and may He then give him much grace to labor faithfully and diligently! 

The addresses by Candidate Miersma and by Prof. Hanko accompany this report. The photographs are by courtesy of Elder Larry Huisken, of our Redlands, California, congregation.