For the delegates to synod the Seminary Graduation Program on Tuesday evening, June 17, was a refreshing change of pace; and for the large audience, in which all the area churches were represented and which more than filled the auditorium of First Church, it was a most enjoyable evening.

For the graduates, of course, this evening marked the achievement of the goal for which they had been striving for several years.

There were four graduates: from our own churches, Messrs. Russell Dykstra, Steven Key, and Charles Terpstra, who received a regular diploma, and who were the first graduates from our four-year program; and from the Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore, Mr. Jaikishin Mahtani, who received a special three-year diploma.

The main item on the program, which featured several special musical numbers, was the graduation address by Prof. Decker, “The Minister’s Great Joy.” You will find a transcript of his address elsewhere in this issue. A special feature of the program was a presentation by the two delegates from Singapore, Pastor Lau Chin Kwee and Elder Ang Leing Huat. They presented to the seminary a beautifully inscribed, decorative pewter plate. The inscription is as follows: “Presented To The PRC Seminary In Appreciation Of The Excellent Ministerial Training To Our Brothers Lau Chin Kwee (’80-’82), Jaikishin Mahtani (’83-’86) From The Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore, 17th June 1986.”

May the Lord bless our graduates and soon provide them a place of labor in His church!