Seminary Graduation—1983

The greater part of the first three days of our 1983 Synod was spent in a thorough-going examination of our two seminary graduates, Barrett Lee Gritters and Kenneth Wayne Hanko. We may be thankful that our churches still insist upon such a thorough examination before anyone is declared candidate for the ministry among us. 

On Wednesday afternoon each student delivered a sermon on a previously assigned text. In addition, the sermon outlines had to be submitted to an examining committee appointed by Synod. Besides, each student was required to submit written exegesis of an Old Testament passage (working, of course, from the Hebrew original); and each student was required to submit written exegesis of a New Testament passage (working from the Greek). The latter work is also submitted to a synodical examining committee.

Almost all of Thursday was taken up with a thorough oral examination in Dogmatics. And on Friday there were examinations in Church History, Church Polity, Old Testament History, and New Testament History. All of these examinations are conducted by the professors. An examination in “Practica” (conducted by the Rev. George Lanting this year) ended the examination process about mid-afternoon on Friday. At this time, after voting in closed session, Synod declared the two young men candidates for the ministry in our Protestant Reformed Churches. 

The real climax of this examination and of their years in our school came on Tuesday evening, June 7. A goodly audience gathered for this joyful occasion. It was my privilege this time to deliver the commencement address, a transcript of which appears elsewhere in this issue. A snapshot of our candidates accompanies this report. 

May God bless our candidates!