Seminary Graduation, 1973

One of the highlights of this year’s Synod was the graduation of two Candidates for the Ministry of the Word and Sacraments, Meindert W. Joostens, a son of our Redlands, California congregation, and Mark Homer Hoeksema, your editor’s son and presently a member of First Church, Grand Rapids. 

These two young brethren received their diplomas at a graduation program held on Tuesday, June 12, at our Hudsonville, Michigan Protestant Reformed Church, the host church of this year’s Synod. The fitting and timely address of this year’s graduation speaker, Prof. H. Hanko, was on the subject, “Exegesis and Preaching.” A transcript of this address will appear in the next issue. 

We rejoice and are thankful that the Lord has given to us as churches these two candidates for the ministry and has shown us this token of His faithfulness in continuing to raise up among us ministers of His Word—particularly in this day of crying need for faithful preachers of the Gospel and at this time when the Lord is opening doors for us on the mission field. Our prayer is that the Lord will keep these young men faithful to His Word, that He will before long give them a place of labor in His vineyard, and that He will cause them to be a blessing in the midst of His church. 

A snapshot, courtesy of Rev. Dale H. Kuiper, accompanies this article.