Secretary’s Report

Members and Friends of the Reformed Free Publishing Association 

Dear Brethren: 

Once again your Board comes to you this evening with a resume of what has been accomplished this year with the help of our Covenant God. 

We have met each month at the prescribed times and we received at these meetings, encouraging and gratifying reports on the acceptance and growth of the Standard Bearer. 

We first of all must give thanks to our God who has provided the means to print the Standard Bearer and then to the editors who devote many long hours in the preparation of articles. We also thank each one of our supporters for their prayers and financial gifts which make it possible to print the Standard Bearer on schedule each issue. 

We can report tonight that our subscription list is growing at a faster rate than ever before. Over 150 new subscribers were added to our subscription list this year. At present, 1525 copies of each issue are printed. One hundred copies are held for bound volumes, 90 copies are sent free of charge to seminaries, hospitals, rest homes, etc, a number of copies are distributed through the mission committee, and the remainder are mailed to our approximately 1200 paying subscribers and to our 10 for 2 recipients. The 10 for 2 offer has proved to be very effective as a means of obtaining permanent new subscribers. More than 350 responses have been received to date and more are coming in each month. The 10 for 2 offer is continuous and we urge our present subscribers to use this means of spreading our witness, by placing names of your friends on our mailing list. 

Our mailing list includes 40 states, and such countries as New Zeeland, South Africa, Brazil, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Belgium, India and others. More than 325 books, such as Triple Knowledge, Behold He Cometh and others, have been sold by means of a combination book and subscription offer which we hope to repeat again in November. This offer too can be used as a means to increase your religious book library at reduced prices. 

Our folder catalog, listing all materials and books published by our churches has been re-printed and you can pick up copies here tonight, or they will be mailed to you on request. 

Retiring this year are Mr. John Kalsbeek, our president, Mr. F. Hanko, and the late Mr. John Box whom our Heavenly Father called home so suddenly this summer. We also wish to thank Mr. Gerrit Pipe who consented to remain as our mailing clerk for another year and to Mr. Henry Vander Wal for his many hours spent on behalf of the Standard Bearer, as our able Business Manager. 

Beginning in October, the Standard Bearer will, with the help of God, begin its 50th year of publication. The editors and the Board covet your prayers and support during this eventful year. 

Thank you, 


Don Knoper, Sec’y