Dear Members and Friends of the RFPA: 

Once again near the end of our 52nd year of publishing the Standard Bearer, your Board comes to you with a report of the activities connected with its publication during the past year. 

On October 1, 1924, the Standard Bearer made its first appearance. Since that date, almost 52 years ago, the Standard Bearer has been faithfully published. 

The Standard Bearer now has a publishing total of 1660. We are printing a total of 1900 copies. Of these, 200 are kept for bound volumes and 40 for reprints. This past year we have gained 150 new yearly subscribers and 125 10-for-$2 subscribers, for a total of 275. We’ve also had a total of 80 cancellations. 

Four years ago we started the program of sending 10 issues for $2.00. This has proved to be very successful. A total of 207 have taken advantage of this offer so far. Of these, 110 have become regular subscribers. 

The board acknowledges all gifts of $10.00 or more by means of a letter of thanks. This year the gifts received were $10,000. Church collections totaled $5,800 and individual gifts $4,200. The board takes this opportunity to thank you for your interest in our endeavor and for your financial support. Your prayers are needed, and all gifts toward the support of this work are much appreciated. 

The board has a committee working with a committee of the Permanent Committee for Publication of Protestant Reformed Literature in order to obtain a tax exemption letter as a non-profit organization. 

Through the efforts of the Southeast Young People’s Society, work is being done by each person in the society to contact one family in a foreign country who is receiving the Standard Bearer. They are asking for response from these people about the Standard Bearer. Each of the young people is to receive a free book for his efforts. The board appreciates these efforts of the young people. This year the board decided to underwrite the cost of sending theStandard Bearer to the newly-weds of any of our Protestant Reformed Churches for one year. The consistories of these churches should take note and forward the names to our Business Manager. The board also decided to underwrite the expense of a Managing Editor. Mr. Don Doezema has agreed to do this work. The board is grateful to him for his efforts, because he took much of the work-load that the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. H.C. Hoeksema, had done before. The board also covered the cost of several reprints, one of which was 100 copies of “Clasping A Viper To The Bosom”—airmailed to Australia for distribution there. 

The board gratefully acknowledges the work of our Business Manager, Henry Vander Wal. Again this year Gerrit Pipe has helped Henry with the mailing of the Standard Bearer. Gerrit Vander Lee has consented to help with the mailing work in the event of the absence of one of these brethren. 

To publish the Standard Bearer on time, everything must be at the printer promptly each 2nd and 16th of the month, With thanksgiving we acknowledge the faithfulness of our Covenant God. He has provided the means to publish our magazine and has, by His Spirit and grace, guided and sustained our editors. The Lord has provided an open door for the Reformed Free Publishing Association by means of the printed page. To Him be all the glory! 

The Standard Bearer is mailed to forty states. The only states where it does not appear are: Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Utah. One hundred copies are mailed regularly to Australia and New Zealand, and sixty copies to other foreign countries. 

Retiring from the board this year are H. Kuiper, A. Rau, and G. VandenTop, all of whom have had various functions and committee assignments during their terms. We thank these men for their labors. We are thankful to the Lord that He supplies men who give many hours of their own time for the board in support of this kingdom cause. 

In conclusion, the Board of the RFPA and the Staff covet your prayers and support of this kingdom work. May the Lord continue to bless us and all His people through our distinctively Reformed magazine. 

—W. De Kraker, Secretary