Members and Friends of the Reformed Free Publishing Association, 

Dear Brethren, 

The Board of the RFPA has been active during the past year performing the duties given us. We are thankful to our God that we can report that we have completed one more year of the publishing of theStandard Bearer, a faithful witness to the truth as given to us through the Word of God. 

The Board held eleven regular meetings and one special meeting during the past year. These meetings were harmonious and the duties were faithfully performed. Our activities were channeled through the three standing committees: the Information and Education, the Finance, and the Book Committees. 

The efforts of the I and E Committee are devoted mainly to the printing of pamphlets which have first appeared as articles in the Standard Bearer and then are given to the pamphlet committees of our churches, who in turn distribute them at their discretion. The pamphlet that was sent out this year was taken from the speech given at the last League Meeting of Protestant Reformed Men’s Societies by Prof. H.C. Hoeksema, the title of which was “The Atonement of Christ According to Dordrecht.” Seventy-five hundred copies of this pamphlet were printed—fifteen hundred more than the last one—of which five hundred were sent to Christian Reformed Ministers and Professors by the Southeast Church Action Committee. This was done at the request of the Men’s League. The I and E Committee is now studying ways and means to increase the number of subscribers and to promote the Standard Bearer. The committee has started working on this by inserting in the next issue (the October 1 issue) an addressed card with spaces for names to whom the sub scriber would like us to send a free copy of the Standard Bearer. This is to acquaint non-readers with our publication and to stimulate interest. 

The Finance Committee, aware of diminishing funds, made a survey of our financial means; and finding a definite downward trend in receiving of gifts in the past three years, recommended that the Board inform our people of our need. A form letter was sent to our churches requesting financial aid, and thus far we have had some response. We would like to remind our people once more of our constant need. It is important that gifts continue to come in. 

The work of the Book Committee has mainly to do with the binding and sending out of the bound volumes of the Standard Bearer, but also with the filling of requests for individual copies of our publication. Sixty-four bound copies of Volume 38 have been sent out. These bound volumes offer access to a unique commentary founded on the Reformed Faith. 

At the present time, the total number of the Standard Bearer printed for each issue stands at 1,074, compared to 1,083 a year ago. Of this total, 874 are being mailed out as paid subscriptions and complimentary copies, 60 going to our missionary, the Rev. G. Lubbers, 110 are for bound volumes and stock, and 50 are reserved for mailing margin. 

A word of commendation is due our Business Manager, Mr. James Dykstra, who has very capably handled the business affairs of our publication. The effort put forth in this department results in an efficient operation, which is important in this responsible phase of the publication. 

As we go on in the future, we express ourselves in gratitude for this privilege of taking part in this worthy cause of faithfully revealing and witnessing the Truth of the Scriptures. It is our prayer that the editors of theStandard Bearer may receive abundant grace that this paper may continue to serve to the upbuilding of the Church. Respectfully submitted, 

The Board of the RFPA 

—R. Bos, Secretary

* Delivered at the annual meeting on September 26, 1963.