At the last meeting of the editors of the Standard Bearer it was decided to continue the publication of the Standard Bearer, as far as its contents are con­cerned, according to the same plan as that which was followed the last two years. The editor was appoint­ed to assign different subjects for the ensuing year to the different writers. To this one exception was made: the Rev. G.M. Ophoff was granted the right to select his own subjects.

Undersigned will continue to write the medita­tions, the editorials, and the dogmatic articles, the Lord willing. And the Rev. G. Vos is still busy writ­ing on the Psalms, and hopes to continue to do so during the coming year. It is not necessary to take up space for these in the schedule that follows.

I have not assigned new subjects to the Rev. J VandenBreggen. If the brother wishes to write, he may do so on the subjects that were assigned to him last year.

Here follow the assignments:

Oct. 1. The Theory of Soul-Sleep, R.V.; Hymn Singing In Public Worship, P.V.; The Author Of Hebrews, B.K. Current Events, J.H.

Oct. 15. The Angels And Salvation In Christ, J.D. J.; The Objective Reality Of the Temptations Of Jesus, A.C.; The Sin Against The Holy Spirit, A.P.; Voor De Dooden Gedoopt, H.V.

Nov. 1. The Prayer Before The Service, M.G.; The Hardening Of the Heart, H.D.W.; The Certainty of Faith, G.L.; The Conscience According To Scrip­ture, P.D.B.

Nov. 15. The Location Of Paradise, M.S.; Sick Visitation, J.B.; Article 36 Of The Confessio Belgica, L.D.; The Son Of Perdition, L.V.

Dec. 1. The Author Of Ecclesiastes, C.H.; “Game­sters” In The Form For The Lord’s Supper, P.V.; Was Jonah Alive In The Fish? R.V.; Kerknieuws, S.D.V.

Dec. 15. Debate: Resolved That A Local Consis­tory Has The Right To Act Contrary To The Church Order, L Affirmative B. K. Negative G.M.O. (each limited to five pages). The King James’ Version And The American Revised; A Comparison, J.H.; Current Events, J.D.J.

Jan. 1. Debate: Resolved That A Local Consis­tory Has The Right To Act Contrary To The Church Order, II, B.K, and G.M.O, (limited to five pages each). Calvinism vs. Puritanism, A.C.; Birth Con­trol Ami The Seventh Commandment, A.P.

Jan. 15. Why An Educated Clergy? M.G.; De “Onmogelijkheid” Van Heb. 6:4, H.V.; Communal Re­sponsibility, H.D.W.; The Native Religion Of Japan, P.D.B.

Feb. 1. The Value Of O.T. Revelation For The New Dispensation, I.G.L.; The Central Message Of Ecclesiastes, M.S.; Crucifying Christ Afresh, J.B.; Confessionalism, L.D.

Feb. 15. The Problems Of A Christian Soldier, J.B.; The Adiaphora, L.V.; The Significance Of The Book Of Proverbs, C.H.; Kerknieuws, S.D.V.

March 1. Debate: Resolved That We Should Es­tablish Our Own Schools Wherever Possible, Affirm­ative R.V. Negative J.D.J. (limited to five pages each). Street Evangelism, A.C.; Barthian Eschatology, A.P.

April 1. The Half Way Covenant In New Eng­land, H.V.; The Power Of The Young Man, M.G.; Tithing And Christian Stewardship, H.D.W.; The Value Of O.T. Revelation For The New Dispensation, II, G.L.

April 15. The Coming And Influence Of Buddhism In Japan, P.D.B.; The Minister And Himself, J.B.; The Sermon And The Word Of God, M.S.; The Ex­communication Of Non-Confessing Baptized Mem­bers, L.D.

May 1. Free Masonry, C.H.; De Plaats Des Berouws In Heb. 12:17. P.V.; The Romish Conception Of Justification, B.K.; Kerknieuws, S.D.V.

May 15. Eten En Leven In Eouwigheid, Gen. 3:22. J.H.; Revision Of Our Psalter Desirable, A.C.; Faith In Regenerated Infants, A.P. Groanings Of The Spir­it, Rom. 8:26. H.V.

June 1. The Beauty Of The Young Woman. M.G.; Pragmatism. G.L.; Christianity In Japan Today. P. D.B.; Grieving The Spirit. H.D.W.

June 15. Employment Of Mothers In War Indus­tries. J.B.; Calvin On The Sabbath. M.S. The Best Preaching Method. L.D.; Kerknieuws. S.D.V.

July 1. Preaching On The Parables, L.V.; The Sign Of Jonah The Prophet. C.H.; Did God Suffer In The Sacrifice Of His Son? R.V.; Current Events, P.V.

Aug. 1. Debate: Resolved That Discipline Of Mem­bers That Belong To Worldly Organizations Should Be Left To The Ministry Of The Word, I. Affirma­tive J.H.; Negative H.V. (limited to five pages each); The Rise Of American Cults About 1830, P.D.B. Geen Roof Geacht, Phil. 2:6. G.L.

Sept. 1. Debate: Resolved That Discipline Of Mem­bers That Belong To Worldly Organizations Should Be Left To The Ministry Of The Word, II. Affirma­tive J.H. Negative H.V.; The History Of Christian Instruction In America, M.G.; Natural Theology. A.P.

Sept. 15. Spoken By Jeremy The Prophet, Matt. 27:9. H.D.W.; Jesuitism, L.V.; Foreknowledge And Predestination. C.H.; The Septuagint. M.S.

The following are the Rev. G.M. Ophoff’s subjects.


1) The Conquest Of Southern And Northern Pal­estine.

2) The Division Of The Land In West Palestine.

3) The Building Of The Altar By The Two And A Half Tribes.

4) Joshua’s Parting With The People. His Death And That Of Eleazar.

5) The Conquest Of The Tribes After The Death Of Joshua.

6) The Nations Remaining To Serve Israel.

7) The New Generation. Its Religious Condition.

8) The First Three Judges.

9) Israel’s Deliverance Under Deborah And Barak.

10) The Oppression Of The Midianites And Gideons Commission.

11) Jerubbaal.

12) Gideon In The Field.

13) Proud Ephraim And The Treacherous Cities.

14) Gideon The Judge Who Refuses To Be King.

15) Albimelech, His Usurped Rule And Downfall.

16) Tola Of Issachar And Jair The Gileadite.

17) Renewed Apostasy And Punishment: Awak­ening And Repentance.

18) Jephtah’s Previous History And His Recall By The Elders.

19) Jephtah’s Conflict.

20) Jephtah’s Vow.

21) Samson The Nazarite Judge.

22) The Opening Steps Of Samson’s Career.


1) The Fathers On Catholic Unity.

2) Christian Life Against The Backgrounds Of Pagan Corruption.

3) Asceticism In The Early Church.

4) The Catacombs.

5) The Downfall Of Heathenism And The As­cendency Of Christianity In The Roman Empire.

6) The Alliance Of Church And State.

7) Christian Apologetics And Polemics.

8) Monasticism.

9) Organization Of The Donatists And Other Schisms.

10) Church Discipline.

We thought it might be interesting to introduce a few debates into our Standard Bearer this year. The subjects of these debates are, I think, actual and de­batable. When these debates appear, the readers must bear in mind that the views expressed are not neces­sarily representing the convictions of the debaters. Each side will, of course, try to marshal all the argu­ments he can to prove his point, even though, accord­ing to his own conviction he is “on the wrong side of the fence.”