Rome and “Authority”

Rome and “Authority”

Rev. Richard Smit’s article (“The Supreme Authority of the Holy Scriptures”) in the October 15th issue is another of so many truth-filled articles in the Standard Bearer. The whole issue on Roman Catholicism is outstanding. Thank you for it.

I appreciated Rev. Smit’s drawing our attention to Rome’s claim that, because the church approved the books of the Bible, “therefore the authority of Scripture rests upon the witness of the church.” This is an argument I have heard many times from Roman Catholics. What they never consider is the fact that much of the New Testament epistles are written to correct the errors already in the churches! Therefore the authority of the Scriptures is above the church, just as a father is above the child whom he corrects. Further, the witness of Scripture (I Thess. 2:13) is that those who received these letters acknowledged that they were in fact “the word of God”!

As Isaiah 40:8, Matthew 24:35, and I Peter 1:25 remind us, it is the Word of God that shall stand forever, not the Roman Catholic Church. Again, God bless you all in the PRC.

Al Salmon

Moorestown, NJ