Secretary’s Report

Mr. Chairman, Members of the RFPA, and Friends: 

It is my duty as secretary to report to you tonight on the principal activities which have occurred throughout the past year in connection with the publishing of theStandard Bearer

The Board met at the prescribed times to conduct its business and to hear the Business Manager’s reports, which were always lively and interesting. Invariably the letters which he read at these meetings showed gratitude for the contents of our publication and also encouragement to continue in this, the Lord’s work. 

The Board also decided to give our Business Manager $500.00 per year as a token gift for his labors in behalf of the Standard Bearer

At our May meeting, the Board granted the request of the Synodical Committee for Correspondence with Foreign Churches for $1,000.00 to help pay for the publishing of a Critique of the RES, a booklet prepared by Rev. Sang Chan Lee, in the Korean language. This booklet was to be distributed to churches of the Hapdong Presbyterian denomination in Korea. 

From our Business Manager’s pen we quote the following: “Several innovations were instigated by your Board during the past year in order to increase our subscription list. First, an introductory offer labeled “10 for 2” was introduced to our readers. By means of advertisements in our paper and in other periodicals, it was announced that the Standard Bearer could be obtained by new subscribers for six months (10 issues) for only $2.00. To date almost 200 potential new subscribers have responded to this offer. Truly amazing! One member of our Protestant Reformed Churches submitted and paid for 32 new subscribers to our offer. A subscriber belonging to the Christian Reformed Church submitted and paid for 12 new potential subscribers. Response has been received from just about all of the 50 states of our country—including Alaska and Hawaii; several from Canada and the Netherlands. Surely, the Lord has blessed us in this endeavor. Secondly, this “10 for 2” offer was also extended to our readers in Australasia. Included were New Zealand, New South Wales (Australia), Tasmania, etc. Twenty-three new subscribers reached out to take advantage of receiving the Standard Bearer by this means. Thirdly, in conjunction with our Permanent Publication Committee, new and regular subscribers will be able to obtain books published by our RFPA at a reduced price. Watch for further details in forthcoming issues of our magazine.” 

At this time we gratefully acknowledge the financial gifts from individuals, societies, and congregations, and solicit your continued support.

A special word of thanks is due Mr. Gerrit Pipe for his faithful assistance in the mailing department. Needless to say, we really rely on our Business Manager’s keen attention and ability to expedite matters pertinent to our publication.

Retirees this year will be the Messrs Wm. De Kraker, Arnold Dykstra, and undersigned.

In conclusion, brethren, it is evident from the foregoing that the Standard Bearer is being sent far and wide and that it is also being read and appreciated by those not in our denomination. Now, as we stand at the threshold of another year of publishing the Standard Bearer, we see it as a wonderful calling, a glorious privilege, and a serious responsibility. Let us indeed be thankful to God for our faithful Editor-in-Chief and Department Editors, for the dedication and zeal with which they write. May the Lord continue to bless them in their labors.

G. Bol, Secretary

Treasurer’s Report

BALANCE ON HAND SEPT. 1, 1971—$6,448.78






Bound Volumes—$636.25

10 for two offer—$350.25


Interest Earned—$60.12

Receipts for the year: $14,916.36

Total Receipts: $21,365.14


Wobbema Printing Co.—$5,445.75

National Correct Color Service—$1,214.00

Photo Composition Service—$5,470.00


Holland Book Binding—$361.25

G. Pipe (Traveling Expense)—$115.00

H. VanderWal (Business Manager) ($500.00 token gift $672.59 postage & supplies)—$1,172.59

Correspondence Committee (Korea Material)—$1,000.00



Disbursements for the year: $15,266.69

BALANCE ON HAND SEPT. 1, 1972—$6,098.45


Protestant Reformed Churches













South Holland—$784.09


Church Undertermined—$62.48


Eastern Ladies League—$86.40

First Ladies Society—$50.00

First Mens Society—$30.00

Hope Choral Society—$101.88

Hope Mr. & Mrs. Society—$25.00

Total Gifts



Individual Gifts—$1,838.73

Total: $6,883.25

—C. Kuiper, Treasurer