Some time ago a request was sent to our people to help financially three ministers and their families who came to us from another denomination, and who are now located in Grand Rapids attending our seminary. This article must serve as a report on the progress of this drive for funds.

Our hearts are overjoyed by the liberal response our people have given which, it appears to us, is an evidence of the Lord’s blessing on the entire venture.

We have not really begun to hear as yet from our Western Churches which we believe could not be as enthusiastic in this drive simply because they did not understand the great need, neither did they have all the information concerning the three ministers that our Eastern Churches possess. We believe that as soon as they become thoroughly informed they, too, will become enthused and collaborate with us in this fund. The mere trickle will turn into a stream. Rut in spite of all this, our people have pledged themselves in the amount of $6,898.11 so far. Of this amount we have received in cash $5,412.41 and there are unpaid pledges in the amount of $1,481.00. The thirty cent differential being caused by the over-payment of a pledge by one individual. The amount of unpaid pledges covers those pledges duet his year and some which are spread over a three-year period. If those who have pledged for this year would pay their pledge now, we would have approximately enough for this year. Of course, all that is over-paid will be applied to next year. From all this, our people can see the over-all picture which is indeed cause for joy and gratitude. We therefore take this opportunity to thank our people for their noble effort and assistance in this drive. Above all we thank our covenant God who has put it in your hearts to sacrifice for this cause.

We can also report that a temporary committee has been formed composed of representatives of our Grand Rapids Churches, which has unstintingly given of their time and energy to procure lodging, etc., for these families, and to advise in the distribution of the moneys received. Mr. Sidney De Young, member of the Theological School Committee, has worked with the undersigned from the beginning in this undertaking. Especially to him and Mr. Orie Hamstra, also of our churches and in the Realty business, a special word of thanks is due. The temporary committee was broadened out to include also Mr. Donald Ondersma of Second Church and Mr. James Kok of First Church.

It is now the decision of this committee to present to the contributors in this drive who are members of the society by virtue of their contribution or pledge, the opportunity of selecting a permanent committee to take charge of the fund and the care of these families for the three years required for their instruction in our School. We present herewith a nomination of eight names representing the four Grand Rapids Churches. From this list four will be chosen to serve for the three years. Printed cards will soon be sent to all the members and they will be asked to return them by a certain date, and those receiving the most votes will be chosen. The nomination is as follows: Second Church:—Donald Ondersma and Henry Kooienga; Fourth Church:—Gerrit Pipe; Creston:—Dick Rloem; First Church:—Andrew Voss, James Kok, Orie Hamstra, and Sidney De Young. You are requested to look over these names and be ready to cast your vote for four when you receive your ballot card.

As to the three ministers and their families, we can report that they are now living in Grand Rapids in places provided by the committee. The ministers are attending our School and already performing the assignments handed out by the professors on opening day. We know that if they could only slip in a word here, they would want to give expression to their deep gratitude for all our people have done for them, and most of all, of course, to our God Who has so’ mysteriously directed them to us and our School. Perhaps later you will hear from them.  T

We attended the opening session of our Seminary which was, in our opinion, a great episode in the history of our School and Churches. It reminded us of the early days in our School. There was excitement and life. Even the professors were excited, so much so that one seemed a little confused in dishing out his assignments. What a complex group of students! From several nationalities and tongues and denominations they came. There were two young men who came from the Liberated group in the Netherlands and who are thorough-bred Dutchmen of course. There was a Greek, an Irishman and an American. There were two German boys and five of our own, four of whom are attending Calvin College and our Seminary part time. In this complex group we saw a principle of the pluriformity of the Church as well as her unity. All were united in the love of the truth as we know it in its purest form.

If all our people could have witnessed what we saw on that opening day, they all would have carried away as we did a new interest and zeal for the School which the Lord has given us, and so signally blessed throughout the years of its existence.

In closing we would like to remind those who have sent us their pledges that expire this year to pay these as soon as conveniently possible so that we will know where we stand financially. Also we would encourage those who have not yet contributed, especially in our Western Churches, to labor with us in this venture which must be of interest to all our churches. You can send your contribution to the undersigned, or to Mr. Don Ondersma, 1135 Chicago Dr., S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Rev. M. Schipper

Box 121, South Holland, Illinois