With enthusiasm and knowledge that we are con­tinuing in the faith, the women of the Western League of Prot. Ref. Churches met in the auditorium of the Doon Church on Nov. 18. Meeting opened by sing­ing a few Psalter numbers and prayer by our Vice-Pres., Mrs. H. C. Hoeksema and Scripture I Tim. 4 read. After a short business meeting, our speaker for the afternoon, Rev. H. C. Hoeksema, addressed us on the theme, “Continuing in the Faith.” He brought out the following points. 1. What does that mean? 2. Why should we do that? 3. How should we do that ? He first explained the term faith in the sub­jective and objective sense. Also brought out how false teachers brought out various false doctrines. Then brought out how the Prot. Ref. Church since 1924 interprets faith over against the error of the Three Points, and over against the error of the condi­tional promise of today. The faith that our text speaks of is Christ crucified, as it centers in the cross of Christ, wherein we have total depravity, uncondi­tional salvation, limited atonement, irresistible grace, preservation of the saints. That faith wherein we know that salvation is of the Lord, that God is God, that God’s grace is sovereign or particular, that the promise is particular. To continue in that faith implies that we have that faith, wherein we have the living spiritual knowledge whereby we hold for truth all that God has revealed to us in His word, and also a hearty confidence that our sins are forgiven, and that then we cling to Christ and find comfort, having that gospel concerning salvation. Continuing in that sphere in which there is harmony between you and that object of the Scriptures it becomes manifest in your confession as believers, in your actions, in your walk of life. Walking so that the sovereign grace of God is revealed and you crucify your own human nature, etc. Why this is necessary; for the truth’s sake the church must maintain truth without exception because man is sinful, and if he once departs, he keeps going farther and farther from the truth. How this is done; essentially we cannot continue in the faith, we have nothing to boast but it is a gift of God. God causes us to continue through different means: 1. Means of grace, 2. Means of the League, first purpose to meditate on Scripture, 3. Means of Societies,

  1. Means of personal Scripture study, 5. Means of instructing children, etc. “In so doing thou shalt save thyself and those that hear thee”. God grant it!

After the speech, Edgerton gave a musical number, then an offering was taken for the Standard Bearer. Our question hour was also conducted by Rev. H. C, Hoeksema, questions having been brought in by various Societies. Hull gave a musical number, meeting was closed by singing the doxology and prayer by Mrs. H. C. Hoeksema. Lunch was served by the Doon Society, and so a very pleasant afternoon was spent.

—Mrs. George Hoekstra, Reporter