Report Of The Western Ladies’ League Meeting

Our fall meeting was held the afternoon of September 25, at Doon, Iowa. An organ prelude was played by Mrs. Jim Blankespoor. Rev. H. Hanko opened with prayer. Our chairman of the league, Mrs. William denBesten led us in singing our theme song, Psalter No. 298, and then Psalter No. 256. She then read fromDeut. 6:5-7. Rev. H. Hanko was introduced as our speaker. He spoke on the subject, “The Diligent Instruction of our Covenant Children.” He divided his speech into three parts: What is the content? Whom do we teach? And how must we carry this out?

First, what is the content? The content of the Scripture is the law of God, which is considered the most important text in the Bible by the Hebrews. It was written on a scroll, and attached to the doorpost. This law of God was taught in the home and in the school. They had no books or scriptures, only this scroll. “Love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might,” And this law was pursued through covenant instruction in the home and school. 

Whom do we teach? We now have the whole gospel, which we cannot keep of self. We must love God, which Christ has fulfilled in us; and this love of God must be taught to our covenant children, not only by word, but by our own pious example. The love of God must be seen in our homes. We must always hold before them the calling, “Love the Lord Thy God.” 

How must we carry this out? God continues His covenant in covenant instruction of our children. God’s covenant is a friendship and fellowship with Christ established with believers and their seed, who are redeemed through Christ’s shed blood. God’s children are precious in His sight. They are His chosen ones. When the whole elect church is born, Christ will return in glory to take the redeemed to heaven to dwell with Him eternally. 

During the singing of numbers 190 and 213, an offering was taken for the Standard Bearer. We then were favored with a trio from Edgerton. They sang “Rejoice.” Mrs. Edward van Egdom gave an essay entitled, “The Lack of Our Present Day Schools and Why We Should Have Our Own.” Hull’s special number was a piano duet. The meeting was closed with singing Psalter No. 90, and prayer by Rev. H. Hanko. Refreshments were served, and a social hour was enjoyed by all. 

Reporters: —Mrs. Gerald Van Den Top 

—Mrs. Simon Aardema