Our spring meeting was held April 2, 1965 at Hull. Mrs. T. Jansma, our chairman, welcomed the ladies. The morning program included our Theme Song, Psalter No. 298, and also Psalter No. 76; Scripture reading from Genesis 28:10-22; opening prayer by Rev. Kortering; and an address on “Angels and the Saints” by Rev. Woudenberg. 

Our speaker dealt with Angels Proper, the Ranks of Angels, and the Relation of Angels to the Saints and to the Church. 

Angels are ministering spirits. They are spirits that minister salvation to the people of God. Heb. 1:14. God created the heaven of heavens and the host of the heavens in creation week. The host of the heavens were brought forth dependent on God; By nature angels are spirits, created spirits, heavenly spirits. Angels have spiritual bodies, adapted to the presence of God and to heaven. Their bodies are symbolic of the body of Christ after glorification. They are wise, good, obedient, and holy. All they do is in love and dedication to God. Mention was made of the different ranks of angels. Seraphim angels sing praises of adoration to God. Is. 6:3. Angels are represented in the temple. Attention was called to the fact that sometimes angels appear as ordinary men. “Be not forgetful . . . . . .” Heb. 13:2. Our speaker further called attention to the appearance of angels in connection with our Lord Jesus Christ. Angels foretold His coming and were present at His birth. They ministered to. Christ after His temptations, and also in Gethsemane. They appear at His resurrection and ascension. And angels will be present at His second coming. As to their relationship to the saints: angels serve salvation to the saints. They watch over our lives. Ps. 91:11, 12. Angels take the souls of the saints to God. 

The morning program was closed with a quartet by the Hull ladies and prayer by Rev. Woudenberg.

The afternoon program featured a reading on “Angels” by Mrs. Kortering, a Bible Quiz, various musical numbers, audience singing, and a collection for the Jamaica churches. 

Refreshments were served, and a social hour was enjoyed.

—Mrs. J. Hoekstra, Reporter