The spring meeting of the Ladies’ League of the Prot. Ref. Churches was held on the afternoon of April 13. The meeting was opened by singing Psalter No. 298 and 356, after which our President, Mrs. H. Veldman, read I Peter 3 and led us in prayer. A word of welcome was extended to all the ladies gathered at our Doon church. The secretary then read the minutes and the treasures report was given. The president then introduced the speaker, Rev. J.A. Heys, who spoke on “The Humility of a Christian Woman.” 

The first thought that was developed was the idea of humility. The idea of the word itself is to be low; near the ground. We must be sincere and humble as Paul when he says, “I am the least.” Our humility must be patterned after the humility of Christ. We must be humble for God’s sake and desire to be pleasing in His sight. This is wrought by Christ’s Spirit in our hearts. Then only can we be humble in the true sense of the word. Woman’s humility is exercised in two spheres of life, in her life as a wife in the home, and in general over against man in general. 

The second thought was the manifestation of humility. Submission is the necessary quality in the manifestation of humility. The first sin was pride; all sin is pride. A woman must submit in all things which are according to the law of God. This means a woman must be humble, submissive in her life as a wife over against her husband. Woman in general must be subject to man in general. A woman may not rule in church or otherwise. 

The third thought, the attainment of humility, brought out the idea that this is possible only as it comes from Christ. He who demands humility gives it to us in the way of a free gift. It is given in the way of regeneration. We know it is not of works for then we would boast. Through grace we are able to submit to the rule He has placed over us. All glory may then be unto God.

After this instructive speech we were favored with a duet from our Edgerton Society. Then the following questions were answered by Rev. H. Veldman. 

1. Was Queen Esther a believer? 

2. Can one “almost be persuaded?” Acts 26-28

3. Why were the Israelites forbidden to burn honey in any offering made by fire? Lev. 2:11

4. Explain Luke 23:31

5. Explain I Sam. 15:35. Can the Lord repent of something he has done? 

6. What kind of fellowship may we have with those (not Prot. Ref.) that profess to be Christians? 

7. Explain the two covenants in Gal. 4:24

A group of Doon ladies sang a Dutch song after which we sang Psalter No. 325, while collection was taken for our Edgerton School. Our meeting was closed with prayer by Rev. J.A. Heys. Refreshments were then served by our Hull Ladies Aid. 

We thank God for an afternoon of Christian fellowship and pray that He may continue to bless us and grant us a rich measure of His grace. 

Mrs. P. Buys, reporter