Rev. P. Vis, president of the former Classis, opened the meeting with usual preliminaries. Delegations appeared from all the congregations with the exception of Bellflower. Rev. Vos is chairman of the day and Rev. Vis scribe. After extending a word of welcome to the delegates the classis gets down to its routine business. First there appears the report of the committee which was to examine the matter of correspondence with other churches. After hearing the report and weighing tire various matters involved, in such correspondence, Classis decides to table the matter indefinitely. Next the committee on travelling expenses to Classis reports, Rev. Lubbers reading the advices drawn up. Classis decides to follow the reported advice, among other things, it sets the rate to be paid to them travelling with automobile at 4 cents per mile upon condition that at least two delegates ride in one car, a delegate travelling alone will be entitled to the equivalent of train fare etc. Rev. Lubbers again reads a report, this time for the sermon committee. The ministers of this Classis are requested to send up to the Committee one Dutch sermon by Nov. 1 and an English sermon by Feb. 15. This is an official notification to these ministers. Classis also adds a member to this committee, taking the place of Rev. Petter who left for Classis East the newly appointed member is Rev. J. Vander Breggen. Classical Comm. reads its report of activity done.

Now comes the matter of brother H. H. Kuiper in which he requests to be restored to his former status as minister of the Word, and eligible to be called. After careful and lengthy deliberation at Edgerton, Minn.

Classis decides to instruct the brother to obtain the testimony which Classis in Art. 23 of the Rep. 1940 meeting posted as the necessary condition for restoration, and after obtaining this to come with it to the next Classis. A committee also is appointed in this matter, the Comm. composed of Revs. Cammenga, Verhil and Gritters. J. Broek closes this meeting with prayer.


Comes now a double communication from a brother in which he finds fault with a certain action taken by the previous Classis. Classis answers the matter and restates its position. The consistory of Boon asks a financial arrangement in view of their vacancy, it is decided that the consistory confer with the Cl. Comm., which Comm., in turn shall request the Syn. Comm., to make the adjustment. Grand Haven requests collection in the Classis West, it is granted. Redlands consistory comes to the Classis with a request that it be permitted to ask a collection in our churches with a view to assisting them in their radio broadcasts over K. P. R. O. It is granted. A request also from Creston asking collections, Creston did not convince Classis of the urgency of this collection and it was not granted.

The consistory of Sioux Center invited Classis to meet there the next time and this was accepted. Decided that the next meeting therefore would be held there, D. V. and that on March 3, 1943.

Pulpit supply for Doon was arranged as follows:—Sept. 13, Lubbers; Sept. 27, Cammenga; Oct. 11, Vis; Oct. 25, Blankespoor; Nov. 8, Verhil; Nov. 22, Vander Breggen; Dec. 6, Gritters; Dec. 20, Cammenga; Jan. 3, Blankespoor; Jan 17, Vis; Jan. 31, Verhil; Feb. 14, Gritters; Feb. 28, Rev. G. Vos (the Sunday before Classis).

Classis then voted various of its officers and the voting brought the following elections:—Stated Clerk, Rev. M. Gritters, Sub-treasurer, Rev. A. Cammenga. Church Visitors: for the Far West: Revs. Vos and Doezema; Manhattan: Revs. De Wolf and Doezema; Iowa and Minn. Revs. Blankespoor and Gritters with P. Vis secundus generalis. Classical Committee: Revs. Gritters and Vis. Rev. De Wolf is instructed to thank the Edgerton consistory for He use of its building and the ladies for their excellent catering. The usual questions of D. K. O. Art. 41 are asked and satisfactorily answered. Classis adjourns after singing from Psalm 75 and prayer by Rev. G. Vos. Next meeting March 3, 1943 at Sioux Center, IA., D.V.

Rev. M. Gritters S.C.