Report of The Eastern Ladies’ League Meeting

The Fall Meeting of the Eastern Ladies’ League was held on Thursday evening October 22, 1964 at The First Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mrs. T. Van Eenenaan played the piano prelude. The meeting was opened by singing our theme song, Psalter No. 374, Dutch Psalm 89:1, and Psalter No. 422, vs. 2. Mrs. J. Kuiper, our president, read Proverbs 31:10-31 and offered prayer. 

A quartet from the Priscilla Society sang, “Trust in the Lord.” 

Rev. G. Lanting, our speaker for the evening, spoke on the following: 

The Place Of The Women In Christian Service The Idea Of Christian Service 

Christian service is service performed by the child of God by faith and in behalf of Christ. In a sense, all things serve Christ. By His power Christ so governs and directs all things that they all serve Him in realizing the eternal counsel and good pleasure of God. The idea of Christian service, however, corresponds with the definition of good works found in Lord’s Day 33 of the Heidelberg Catechism. It is service voluntarily performed by faith, according to the law of God, and to His glory. Such service is the fruit of the work of Christ in His people, He, by His grace and Spirit, so enables the Christian to occupy his place and perform this service that God’s will and good pleasure are realized, and His name glorified. 

The Place Of Women In Christian Service 

The woman’s place is, in its broadest sense, helpmeet to man. Ear this place and to this end she was created. In particular, her greatest service is rendered in child-bearing, bringing forth the covenant seed, the elect. For her to refuse to render this service above all, exposes her unbelief, and reveals her other services to be hypocrisy. In connection with, and intimately allied with child-bearing, is her place in the home, caring for the children and keeping the house. Further, she is to extend her hand to the destitute and afflicted. Beyond the years of child-bearing, her place is to teach, by example and exhortation, the younger women their place in the service of Christ. For the unmarried, there are other means of assisting the cause of Christ, such as teaching, nursing, giving financial aid, and in some instances, even physical labor. In this way the woman, in harmony with her calling, serves the Lord Christ. 

Incentives To The Women 

Incentives to serve in her capacity are given the woman by Christ in His Word. In general, all obedience of faith brings assurance of our election and calling. More particularly, in child-bearing the woman is instrumental in the realization of the church of Christ on earth, which culminates in the birth of all the elect, the return of Christ on the clouds of glory, and her final salvation and glorification. And in caring for children, the poor, and performances of other services, she shows forth the wondrous virtues of God and of Christ to their glory. And as God is good and just, He is sure to reward every remembrance of the labors of love performed by the mothers in Israel. 

We sang Psalter No. 128, during which an offering was taken for our Protestant Reformed High School. 

A round table discussion was presented by Mrs. Decker, Mrs. Oomkes, Mrs. Rietema, and Mrs. S. Newhof. Their topic was “Respect.” 

The minutes of the Spring League Meeting were read. Roll call was taken, and the Treasurer gave a report.

A word of thanks was extended to the retiring officers, and the new officers were introduced.

Mrs. Kuiper thanked all who had taken part in the program, and also the host societies. We then sang Psalter No. 7, and Rev. G. Lanting closed our meeting with prayer. The ladies gathered for a social hour and refreshments were served by the ladies of the Priscilla Society and the Ladies Aid.

—Miss Lafern Kortering, Reporter